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  • 2809 Hanes Ave Richmond Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Vacant and dangerous property - Yard and alley severely overgrown!!
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond City, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    bamboo on the property behind 800 W. Graham Rd. has grown to a point of creating a blind spot exiting the alley behind 800 W. Graham onto Tazewell St. Needs to be cut back, please.
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    There is a large gap in the road in front of the driveway exit to Northside Family Learning Center. Seems like a safety hazard -- as well as flat tire waiting to happen.
  • 2817 Hanes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Alley between the 2800 blocks of Hanes and Garland Avenues in need of grading and graveling. Large deep potholes throughout the entire alley are causing safety issues and impeding vehicles. It's been over 2 years since the first request was made and the alley has deteriorated drastically.
  • 9 Overbrook Rd Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    This home has been vacant for over 2 years. The rear of the house is falling off and the old aspestos shingle siding on the front and sides of the house are falling off. Windows are broken, letting wild animals take occupancy. The front porch is nearing collapse. This property needs to be torn down before someone is injured.
  • 2606 Hawthorne Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    The grass at Battery Park is nearly 2 feet long and needs to be cut ASAP. As the city is well aware, there is a big tennis tournament this weekend and this neglect sends a terrible message to visitors to the park and the city.
  • Other Acknowledged
    116 Overbroo Road Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights

    These signs have been popping up all over the neighborhood. I have removed most of them. This one is too high for one to reach. Please refer to City of Richmond ordinance: This one is owed by TSI Properties

    I'm opening this issue again, the sign is still there.
    Richmond Code §38-111 – §38-116
    Posting of Signs or Advertising
    Prohibited on Public Property

  • 2903 Fendall Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    There are at least 10 people living in 2903 Fendall Avenue, and they are not all related. Sometimes there are multiple adults, and there are always multiple kids. They are a nuisance to the whole neighborhood. They kids do not always go to school.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    2815 Hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    A pothole has formed since the replacement of a watermain directly beneath it that was repaired at the start of winter storm Jonas in the alley behind 2815 Hanes Avenue. Multiple reports to DPU have been attempted through SCF and multiple attempts at phone calls (none of them have EVER been answered after 20-30 minutes on hold.) All SCF tickets have been closed and the pothole has gotten larger since all previous reports. The pothole makes the alley hard to pass by cars with a very low clearance and it retains water which will begin to harbor mosquitoes in the coming months. Please fix ASAP.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2911 Barton Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    R-6 single family residence is being used as an illegal boarding house. Currently four (4) person(s) occupy. People are moving in/out with only 1-2 black plastic garbage bags. One will move out and within hours another moves in. Owner is not an occupant. There is no business license on file.
  • Battery Park Richmond Va - Northern Barton Heights
    The grass at a battery Park is in dire need of a cut. There is a Junior Tennis Tournament scheduled for this weekend and it is a shame to have vistors to our lovely community have to sit in grass so high. There are matches scheduled over the next weekends as well
  • 2931 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Traffic light at this intersection is cycling out in three seconds for traffic entering this cross section via the Brooklandpark Blvd. Drivers sitting at the lights on Brooklandpark Blvd. are having to rush, bumper to bumper to get 3 cars through the light, while traffic on Chamberlayne have up to three minutes.