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  • 2901 Moss Side Ave Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Large amount of tree brush in need of pickup.
  • 2801 Montrose Ave. Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Burgundy Chevrolet Impala VA tag VKB-2195 with expired October inspection and plates parked over crosswalk at Montrose Ave. and Hooper St.
  • 2817 2819 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Bats seen flying inside upper units. Smell of feces prevails.
  • 2905 Montrose Ave Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Owner occupied home has not cut grass this year. Neighbors have done front yard but backyard remains as tall as picket fence, and is encroaching on neighboring yards.
  • 2715 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    There are piles of demolation/construction materials in the back yard and down the side of the house nearest Hooper Street. This has been collecting and growing in size here since January 2013.
  • Battery Park Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Battery Park needs service badly - grass is grossly overgrown, it's hard to visit and use the park. Also the hedges along the sidewalk by the park, on Overbook Road, are so overgrown they block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk and must be trimmed for accessibility.
  • 610 W Graham Rd Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    City van left in the middle of W Graham Road, blocking our entire street in.
  • 2911 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Tree located between the sidewalk and the street has several branches that are broken and hanging precariously from a very high spot on the tree [top side closest to the residence]. Once the branches break free from the main tree the trajectory and speed of those branches will create substantial damage to the vehicles parked beneath. Asking that the tree be assessed and broken branches removed promptly. Thank you.
  • 2903 Montrose Ave Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights

    I submitted a request for leaves to be picked up on Jan 6; this was closed by the city saying it was on the schedule. I thought it was too as last Tuesday & Wednesday, no parking signs were put up on our street for leaf pick-up today and tomorrow. Today I came home to leaves still there, blocking flow to the drains, and the signs have been removed. With 7 days' notice required, this means that leaves will still not be picked up before Jan 27 at the earliest.

    Please address this!

  • 2600 Fendall Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    The triangle park between Fendall Avenue and The Plaza is overgrown and has not been mowed in weeks. Please maintain this park regularly so it can be used by the community.
  • 2822 Hanes Ave Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    This residence has been known by neighbors to be an illegal boarding house. Over the last 6 months known drug dealers and users have been frequenting the residence, most coming from 2820 Hanes Ave and 2817 Fendall Ave (Joette Cannon). Until recently neighbors have ignored the fact that it's used as a boarding home but now it is more of a nuisance and neighbors are concerned with the caliber of people visiting the house. The tenants of 2822 Hanes also routinely sit on the front porch smoking pot during the day and especially on weekends. Blunt remnants and pot seeds can be found in the ashtrays sitting on the porch.
  • 300 Overbrook Rd Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Water main to house leaking in the alley.