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  • 1040-1046 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    This intersection is set up in a extremely confusing way. Drivers in the lane second from the left are seemingly in a left turn only lane heading towards Carolan. However, most of them continue straight down Broadway to turn left on California seemingly running a red light in the process. Cars in the lane second from the right seemingly have the right of way but they have to shift to the left, putting them in the path of the cars running the red light. These drivers don't seem to realize they are running a red light and the intersection is so confusing I'm not even sure what is correct. I've already been in two near misses. Please figure out a way to make this interaction clearer, perhaps with cones separating the correct lanes?
  • 1512 Adeline Drive Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    The north sidewalk on Adeline between El Camino and Balboa is partially blocked by think hedges. This is a major route for kids to walk to school, but it is impossible to walk two abreast or even easy to push a wide pram.
  • 1072-1076 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
  • 1480 Highway Rd Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Please consider painting the unmarked crosswalk crossing Oxford at Highway Rd. Plenty of school children and their parents cross here daily. Although there is a crosswalk right next to El Camino Real, practically no one crosses there because it's right next to high speed traffic. The unmarked crosswalk that almost everyone uses connects the east sidewalk along Highway Rd. I don't believe this is Caltrans so it would be up to City of Burlingame to do. Please consider painting that unmarked crosswalk.
  • 141 California 82 Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    The sidewalk between Howard Ave and Newlands Ave on El Camino Real is very unsafe to walk. There are multiple issues:

    1) sidewalk is too low - almost level with the street (El Camino Real) at some point
    2) sidewalk is uneven / lumpy with patches
    3) sidewalk is too narrow - maybe 5 ft max.

    I feel unsafe to walk with my newborn in a stroller. Especially walking north with oncoming traffic facing us. Please fix the unevenness, raise it above the street level and widen the sidewalk.

    Refer to:

  • 1500 & 1600 Blocks Of Howard Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    The 1500 and 1600 blocks of Howard Avenue, immediately west of El Camino, are in dire need of some sort of vehicle speed calming. Vehicles traveling east speed up to make the green light at El Camino. Vehicles traveling west from the stoplight at El Camino speed up because they've been in traffic and they see open space and accelerate. We need either a stop sign at the corner of Howard and Crescent, speed bumps, an electronic speed sign indicator or a combination. I would be happy to organize a collection of residents to meet with appropriate city employees if that would help.
    Thank you,
    Glen Kronewetter
    1525 Howard Avenue
  • 1049 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Ever since Caltrans (the city?) created a 2nd left turn only lane from Broadway onto Carolan I have constantly witnessed multiple vehicles in the 2nd from the left lane ignore the street and overhead markings designating the lane as left turn only and proceeding straight across the tracks to the left turn lane onto California.

    **My request is to please install semi-permanent cones/structures on Broadway at Carolan to force these vehicles to obey the law and turn left onto Carolan. Every time I am heading west on Broadway in the proper lane to proceed through the light at Carolan and then legally move into the left turn lane to turn left onto California it is a constant game of having to check and see how many vehicles realize they are in a left turn only lane and simply ignore the law and go straight ahead into the left turn lane for California. I imagine much of this issue is being caused by the fact that the current 2nd from the left turn lane at Carolan used to be, prior to the interchange construction, the lane used by drivers who wished to turn left onto California.

    I greatly appreciate your help in resolving this issue in order to improve the safety of our roads. Thanks very much.

  • 1285-1299 Oak Grove Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Hi...Oak Grove at Ansel.

    1. Oak Grove is a straightaway with many drivers constantly exceeding the posted speed limit.

    2. Though zebra painted, asphalt paving now covers up a chunk of the zebra hashing at the Oak Grove/Ansel crosswalk.

    3. Especially in summer with leaves on the trees the signs indicating a crosswalk are often covered and not visible to drivers.

    4. Drivers have little visibility as to the presence of the crosswalk (especially those heading west as there is a slight downhill to Oak Grove prior to Ansel and many drivers are speeding).

    The ideal solution would be to have pedestrian-triggered crosswalk flashing lights (as on California in front of Stacks). However, in the absence of funding for this solution could you please...

    A. Repaint the zebra striping to ensure maximum visibility.

    B. Install signage in the middle of the crosswalk as was recently done on Oak Grove at Acacia (see image).

    With both of these I am hopeful that drivers will slow down and recognize the presence of the crosswalk which I use every day.

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • 1101 Broadway Burlingame 94010, United States - Burlingame
    This intersection is still not working right I waited 4 light changes to turn left at 5:15 pm today from California to Broadway right by the Goodwill. Some new traffic light changes were supposed to have been made to detect cars better but it’s still terrible. Please put this intersection back the way it used to be.
  • Traffic Concerns Acknowledged
    1001–1015 Cadillac Way Burlingame 94010, United States - Burlingame
    I can’t cross this intersection and get to the bike ped bridge on my bike from Cadillac bc the light does not detect my bike. I can only get the light to turn green if there are cars behind me.
  • Sign Archived
    474-498 California Dr Burlingame, CA, 94010, USA - Burlingame

    There are some 25 MPH signs newly-posted on California Drive north of the new round-about, claiming this speed limit is "Radar Enforced."

    This is out of compliance with the City's speed limit for that roadway, from Oak Grove south to the new round-about.

    The City's web site shows the actual speed limit from "Murchison to Burlingame Avenue" is 35 MPH.

    Please remove these signs, which are unenforceable.

  • 1000 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame

    I know this is Caltrans' project but this is the third time I've seen somebody get confused by the signals here.

    Drivers on Broadway are confusing the signals on the overpass for the signal they should be following when stopped at Rollins. There are 3 sets of signals drivers are looking at - ones on the steel arm over the roadway which is still off, the temporary signals on overhead span wires and then the permanent signals on a steel arm on the overpass. People are confused. This morning a driver didn't know and was inches away from a bad crash (see photo).

    It's been months like this. Pls turn on the correct signals. And make sure the other set of signals aren't confusing or as visible. Please someone is going to get hurt.