City of Hayward Public Works

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Watching issues created after: 2012-03-19

City of Hayward Public Works Director, Robert Bauman

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  • Deep pothole Archived
    25900-25948 Clawiter Road Hayward, California - Hayward
    Just popped my tire getting off 92W at Clawiter exit. Hit the pot hole as I turned left at the light onto Clawiter.
    Should be fixed ASAP to prevent further property damage.
  • 119-199 W A St Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Santa Clara
  • 22412 Rockaway Ln Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Upper B Street
  • 25459 Brooks Way Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Jackson Triangle
    Plants from street growing over my fence. Had to pay someone to cut due to overgrowth, please remove. Also blocking street sign. Not my responsibility. Call me if you have questions 510-586-1792.
  • 22412 Rockaway Ln Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Upper B Street
  • Abandoned Car Archived
    22761 Hesperian Blvd Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Hayward
    There is an abandoned car a Honda that has been parked in front of my house for over 5 days. This car has not been started or moved within that time frame. I am a disabled parking person and I am unable to park in front of my house. I am forced to either park way down the street or park on the grass in front of my own home. I need someone to come and move this vehicle immediately it is truly causing a hardship.
  • Pothole Archived
    2030 Sarasota Ln Hayward, CA 94545, USA - Glen Eden
    Pothole near my driveway
  • 1368 A St Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Upper B Street
  • 846 B St Hayward, CA, 94541, USA - Hayward
    I noticed a sign hanging Black & Gold Barber Shop. I believe unlicensed contractors are performing work in this shop. They are causing noise nuisances after hours and construction debris is being left behind in the street. The stench of marijuana and loud music is constantly coming from this location. I hope this will not be the trend if they open for business.
  • 1400-1498 E A St Castro Valley, CA 94546, USA - Hayward
  • Near 2360 Hansen Rd. After The Blind Curve. Hayward 94541. - Upper B Street
    pot holes and uneven pavement
  • 22412-22498 Rockaway Ln Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Upper B Street