City of Hayward Public Works

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City of Hayward Public Works Director, Robert Bauman


  • 816 West A Street Hayward, California - Longwood-Winton Grove
    turning right from Hesperian on to West A street there are two pot holes on the road next to the curb
  • Pot Holes Archived
    2150 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94545, Hayward, California - Glen Eden
    There are too many pot holes starting from the train tracks all the way down to the entrance of the freeway I-880 North. It is getting ridiculous that there is this many pot holes on this street. It is becoming more hazardous.
  • 453 Dutchess Ln Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Fairway Park
  • 27800-28150 Hayward Blvd Hayward, CA 94542, USA - Hayward Highland
    More graffiti on Hayward Blvd - on retaining wall
  • 27800-28150 Hayward Blvd Hayward, CA 94542, USA - Hayward Highland
  • potholes Archived
    25998 Carlos Bee Blvd Hayward, CA 94542, USA - Hayward Highland
    Westbound Carlos Bee Blvd, between Campus Loop and Hayward Blvd. On the CSUEB Campus, so might not be the responsibility of the City of Hayward.
  • 26596 Corporate Avenue Hayward, California - Hayward
    Every single day. This makes cycling very dangerous on Corporate Ave., as bikes are forced into traffic in an area where drivers regularly exceed the speed limit. In the attached picture, the truck with lights is a Hayward government vehicle!
  • 3126 Madsen St Hayward, CA 94541, USA - Burbank
  • Ca Bank & Trust Drive-Through Hayward, CA 94545, United States of America - Southgate
    Branches extending into travel lane about 3 feet posing a danger to cyclists.
  • 31401-31449 Hayman Street Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Hayward
    Trash on both sides of the street where the rail road tracks cross Hayman st.
  • 29030 Fairview Ave Hayward, CA 94542, USA - Hayward
    Graffiti on rail
  • Palisade Street Hayward, California - Mission-Foothill

    There is graffiti on the wall on the side of the Nissan card dealer on the Palisade street side. Please remove asap.
    We would greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!