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City of Hayward Public Works Director, Robert Bauman

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  • 22236 Montgomery Ave Hayward, CA 94541, USA - North Hayward
    injured cat on the sidewalk in need of help
  • 22225 Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA 94541, USA - North Hayward
    dead cat on the corner
  • 3218 Diablo Ave Hayward, CA, 94545, USA - Hayward
    We came to work this morning to realize someone had dumped an enormous pile of roofing material, tools, cement, and wood in the middle of our business driveway. It made it impossible to move our trucks through this morning. We called the City of Hayward and reported it, but there are not any real solutions to criminals dumping on private property. They force property owners to perform the labor and pay the costs (and more) that they should have paid to properly dispose of the material. This area of Hayward (Diablo Industrial District) is getting notorious for street stunting, illegal disposals, and drug sales. We never see any Police presence in our commercial district.
  • 21060 Corsair Blvd Hayward, CA, 94545, USA - Hayward
    5/6/2019 - Apparently someone on 5/3 Friday 7:00 PM, drove their silver/grey truck into our business driveway and dumped these two barrel drums right next to our office building. Unfortunately, the video wasn't clear enough to catch the license plate of the vehicle in question. Employees later noticed it the following Monday and described a strong chemical smell from the barrel drums.
  • 31035 Genstar Rd Hayward 94544, United States - Hayward
  • 501 Folsom Ave. - Tennyson-Alquire
    swarthmore ave. is a tricky road especially on the way to and home from work. I would love the road to be fixed, for everyone's safety. I'm always dodging the holes! Thanks!
  • 1005 Whipple Rd Union City, CA 94587, USA - Hayward
    Large holes and cracks in the intersection and along the street recent repaving has ceased at this intersection
  • 31300 Mission Blvd Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Fairway Park
    The left turn lane at the intersection of Corrine and Mission Blvd is completely full of potholes. The problem extends to Mission Blvd. for miles before and after Corrine, but the left turn lane is very bad. Needs re-surfacing as soon as possible.
  • 330 Winton Ave Hayward, CA, 94544, USA - Burbank
    Manga st hayward
  • California 92 Hayward, California - Southgate
    There is a dead raccoon on the side of the freeway for over a month. I reported it to Oakland Animal Control site twice, animal still there. Who should I contact to have this dead raccoon pick up?
  • 26956-26958 Patrick Ave Hayward, CA, 94544, USA - Harder-Tennyson
  • 1154 C Street Hayward, California - Hayward
    Stop sign in Municipal lot #4 at C street is knocked down and laying on the ground. Possibly hit by vehicle.