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  • 1920 Meadow Road Walnut Creek, California - Alamo
    hello, the construction on the home at 1920 meadow road has been starting at 7:30am every morning including saturdays and sundays.
  • Bollard Down Archived
    117 Camille Ave Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    Would someone please repair this bollard that was pushed over in a car accident about a year ago. I believe it hasn't been repaired because likely no one has reported it, therefore no one in the county knows about it. It is important for protection of the traffic signal controls at this intersection. Thank you.
  • Graffati Archived
    1400-1412 Livorna Road Alamo, California - Alamo
    Graffiti under bridge on west side by my property (1420 Livorna Rd) - please remove as soon as you can. It looks like @#$% and I don't want that crap in my neighborhood.
  • 1655-1845 Stone Valley Rd Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    Small but jarring pot hole on right side of road.
  • 2388 Danville Boulevard Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    Dead fox in bike lane southbound direction at PG&E Robles Substation.
  • 1411 Livorna Rd Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    the sidewalk that goes under 680 on livorna Road switches sides between either side of a highway and underneath the highway. It makes it difficult to cross on foot and allows a lot of trash to accumulate. it would be nice if this area were made more pedestrian-friendly with more consistent sidewalks or even a stop sign.
  • 950-974 Livorna Road Alamo, California - Alamo
    dead anima stilll on road 2nd eve
  • 1-105 Journeys End Alamo, California - Alamo
    Junk, debris, Abandon Cars, Unkempt strangers are in and out of the dead end street. Different cars, trucks, RV are parked there for days. Perhaps some shady business is going. The whole thing is a bit creepy and feels very unsafe.
  • 1700 Castle Rock Rd Alamo 94507, United States - Alamo
    Trails are impassible for bicycles. Can someone please update on when these trails will be repaired?
  • Unsafe Deck Archived
    288 Castle Glen Rd Walnut Creek, CA 94595, USA - Alamo
    A tree fell through the deck several weeks ago, and there has been no sign of repairs. Since other home repairs have not been completed for this house, it is highly unlikely this will be addressed. fear the safety of anyone walking on the deck and for any people walking by in case of further collapse
  • 960 Underhill Dr Alamo Ca 94507 United States - Alamo
    This bit of road is caving in from the rain. Doesn’t look too bad right now, but could get worse as cars drive over it
  • Iron Horse Regional Trail Alamo, CA - Alamo

    Earth rests atop a collapsed fence. Two dogs from the property can sometimes be seen sniffing about or resting alongside the trail. One is a black lab mix in his/her first year. A puppy. The second is a mature rottweiler (?) lab (?) mix. Both are calm and show no aggression even when approaching within five feet.

    However, there is a very busy road close by, and there are many trail users with dogs who may or may not be so well mannered, introducing a potential for conflict.

    The last two times I've seen these dogs they have not wandered far from their "yard". I don't know which home this property connects to. It looks a little cluttered with vehicles from what can be seen from the trail and Google Earth.