Alamo - Contra Costa County Public Works

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  • Grand Avenue Entrance To 101 North South San Francisco, California - Alamo
    Couple of months ago we requested the entrance and exit @ Grand Avenue to be cleaned up. Weeds and garbage!!! A call to Caltrans was supposed to happen. It has not been cleaned up yet. And if it has, it is not noticeable or acceptable. Please report again.
  • 322 Golden Meadow Place Alamo, CA - Alamo
  • Iron Horse Regional Trail Alamo, CA - Alamo

    Earth rests atop a collapsed fence. Two dogs from the property can sometimes be seen sniffing about or resting alongside the trail. One is a black lab mix in his/her first year. A puppy. The second is a mature rottweiler (?) lab (?) mix. Both are calm and show no aggression even when approaching within five feet.

    However, there is a very busy road close by, and there are many trail users with dogs who may or may not be so well mannered, introducing a potential for conflict.

    The last two times I've seen these dogs they have not wandered far from their "yard". I don't know which home this property connects to. It looks a little cluttered with vehicles from what can be seen from the trail and Google Earth.

  • Iron Horse Regional Trail Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    White spray paint on a green thing that houses equipment and it says Alpha on it
  • Las Trampas Road Alamo, California - Alamo
    Las Trampas has become so rough with never ending patchwork that keeps eroding. The pavement is worsening and jolting cars at just 25 miles per hour. There needs to be a good repave of the entire street.
  • Danville Blvd. Stone Valley Rd. Alamo, Contra Costa County, California - Alamo
    Early in the morning(4-5 am), the lights at the intersection of Danville Blvd. and Stone Valley Rd. stay red for a very long time in the North/South direction, and the sensors don't seem to be working correctly. This is a recent development. The lights in this direction used to be green until there was cross traffic, or someone entered a left turn lane, at which time the appropriate lights or arrows were activated. There is very little, or no cross traffic at this time.
  • 118-124 Camille Avenue Alamo, California - Alamo
    ped xing flashers needed due to shaded xing
  • 1022-1080 Danville Blvd Alamo, CA 94507, USA - Alamo
    Mattress left on the side of the road. Thanks.
  • noise Open
    508 Neely Ct Alamo 94507, United States - Alamo
    Loud party and music after 10pm
  • Stone Valley Road South Of Virginia Street South Lane Alamo, California - Alamo
    There is a large pothole which is expanding.
  • 01878a – 2701 Stone Valley Road San Ramon, California - Alamo

    01878A – 2701 Stone Valley Road

    01897A – 107 Pheasant Court

    01880A – 203 Hawk Court

    01881A – 4075 Stone Valley Oaks Drive

    Helen Yaro
    Warranty Manager
    SummerHill Homes

    3000 Executive Parkway

    Suite 450

    San Ramon, CA 94583

    Phone: (925) 244-7591

  • 311 Bryan Drive Alamo, California - Alamo
    There are ten street lights on Bryan Drive in Alamo, and five of them are out. The unlit lights are located near the following homes: 311, 323, 347, 368, and 379. Would love to see them fixed.