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  • 2430 Hillsborough Street Raeligh, North Carolina - Wade
    The signal is beeping non-stop, whether there is someone there or not. It's also too loud and is disruptive for offices on the street side of Patterson Hall on NCSU campus. Please fix so it only beeps when needed and reduce the volume if possible. Thanks.
  • 401 Stafford Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The awful smelling metal containers of waste from Tupelo Honey are leaking and the rain is taking this 'trash juice' to the storm drain.
  • polloution Archived
    Hillsborough Street Raleigh Raleigh, NC - Wade
    suspected grease dumping in a grassy area behind the restaurant
  • 2711 Clark Avenue Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Wade
    2305 Clark Ave tenants are leaving their cars parked into the walkway/sidewalk area making it dangerous for pedestrians. Police need to write tickets since this is happening on a regular basis
  • 2 Pullen Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Two people on these city owned scooters just shot off the sidewalk into the street and through the traffic circle causing 2 vehicles to slam on brakes. No helmets, no regard for anyone else. They went right down the street like nothing happened. Someone is going to be killed on these.
  • Hillsborough St & Enterprise St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Seriously? It's a weekday at 8am and a City of Raleigh lawnmower is driving down one of the busiest streets in the city, backing up traffic?
  • Other Archived
    3404 Ruffin St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    The people who live at 3404 Ruffin Street regularly park so that the sidewalk in front of their house is completely blocked. Pedestrians must actually go into the street to go around the car parked at the end of the driveway.

    They keep a boat on a trailer in their driveway and do not seem willing to arrange things so that they can pull their cars up far enough to avoid blocking the sidewalk.

    They are in clear violation of the parking rules listed at:

    In particular:

    May I park on a sidewalk?
    No. Even if a sidewalk crosses over a private driveway, no portion of any vehicle parked in the driveway can protrude into the sidewalk.

  • 2119-2167 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    This evening I sat in a long line of cars on Hillsborough Street for (no kidding) 25 minutes. I don't mean moving slow, I mean completely STOPPED. Why? A Wolfline bus broke down in the cow chute close to the belltower where eastbound traffic had no way to get around because cars were parked on the spots on the right, and a vehicle trying to get around on the left got stuck on the brick median. Of course there was no asistance from police from NCSU or RPD. But then, they probably could not have got there in the first place.

    I spoke to a friend on the phone who told me traffic was backed up past Dixie Trail.What if an emergency vehicle had to get through? This cow chute is dangerous.

  • Enterprise St Raleigh, NC - Wade
    Cars parked at night in the Bus Stop lane..Why?The Inbound 12 Bus cannot see passengers waiting at this stop..You have to stand in the road to bee seen..Why are cars allowed to park here?
  • 701 Chamberlain Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    This intersection is dangerous in current configuration and should be converted to a 4-way stop like almost every other intersection along these streets (Chamberlain, Bedford). Today two cars collided with one being flipped. This could hopefully be avoided if additional stop signs were added.
  • 2708 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC - Wade
    On the left side of the Man-Mur shopping center on Hillsborough Street, there are several different spots where someone has spraypainted graffiti on the wall.
  • 516 Gardner Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    This is a well-known problem throughout the country and now in Raleigh's denser, in-town neighborhoods with smaller streets and homes closer to the streets than typical in newer subdivisions. Please change ALL the lights inside the beltline and elsewhere as warranted by similar conditions to the lowest wattage possible (50 watts or less) and correct the color of these LEDs to imitate sunlight (3000K). Thanks.