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  • Intersection Of Canterbury Road And Wade Ave. Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The intersection at Wade Ave. and Canterbury Rd. is missing a crosswalk. This intersection is becoming more and more congested as the downtown urban plan is implemented. At present, there is a traffic signal so only a crosswalk signal needs to be added. This fix would alleviate the dangerous situation where pedestrians and bicyclists are unable to cross Wade Ave. safely unless a car is present to activate the signal. You can’t reach the intersection at Brooks Ave. and Wade Ave. where there is a crosswalk because there are no sidewalks on the north side of Wade Ave.
    In addition to improving safety, a signal would connect neighborhoods north of Wade Ave. with pedestrian and bicycle options to go to Cameron Village, Glenwood South or Hillsborough Street. As it stands now, it is much safer to reach these destinations by car, thus adding to the growing traffic problems and congestion and putting additional demands on limited parking in those areas. The Raleigh Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is supposed to promote a walkable, bikable, transit-friendly city with high density, mixed-use districts. Install a crosswalk and let more neighborhoods be part of the solution instead of adding to the traffic problem.
  • 2200-2252 Clark Avenue Raleigh North Carolina - Wade
    However, at this light in all directions, people are nearly hit by cars taking right turns. Sometimes the cars will not stop of red, but even when the light is green, they do not respect the right-of-way for pedestrians that have been signaled to cross. We need more signage or other preventative measures here to prevent this from happening.
  • 401 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    401 Oberlin has their trash cans on the Stafford Ave sidewalks almost 24/7. It is hard to walk by and the smell is awful. Residents in the neighborhood get fined if the trash can are left out .Why doesn't residents of 401 Oberlin get fined
  • Other Archived
    213 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Leaves raked so that they block bike lane.
  • Garbage Archived
    802 Chamberlain Street Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Wade
    Furniture at street
  • Graffiti Archived
    101 Chamberlain Street Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Wade
    Both of la rancherita's side doors
  • 800 Gardner St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    A greenway exists along Gardner St. Bollards and no parking signs used to exist on the greenway between Mayview and Van Dyke. Over the years, ice storms and plowing have caused some of the bollards and all the no parking signs to disappear. Now, people are starting to park on the greenway; right now, a pick up truck with a jet ski on a trailer in parked on the greenway, creating ruts. Please have the no parking signs reinstalled. Thanks!
  • 2416 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    So this yahoo came right through our crowd yelling at us to get out of his way. You can't hear the scooters coming. They should not be riding motorized vehicles on a sidewalk!
  • Graffiti Archived
    2600 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27605, USA - Wade
    Graffiti on the bottom of crosswalk pole.
  • 2400 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC - Wade
    Literally every light pole from Dan Allen Drive to Pullen Rd on Hillsborough St has multiple signs from the Preiss Realty Company taped to them. Preiss Company should be fined for this. There are hundreds of signs. I wish the city would do something about them doing this - the Preiss Company does it all the time, and also slide them under people's windshield wipers, creating trash and litter. They are NOT a good neighbor to the Hillsborough St community.
  • 2504 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Wade
    Councilor Crowder's office has been made aware of this months ago. Is it going to take someone getting mugged, raped or worse to fix the street lights along this stretch of street which is busy with pedestrians. Months. Months. And nothing has been done.
  • 23 Enterprise St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The people who reside here have multiple vehicles parked up and over the sidewalk