Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • 700-798 Macdade Blvd Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    Why is a light needed at an intersection with two opposing one-way streets? This light offers no actual traffic control and simply wastes electricity to keep it running 24/7 and fuel from the countless vehicles it stops needlessly. It stops Macdade traffic for a longer period than the Clifton light a block away, which is already a major backup point.
  • Mac Dade Blvd And Ashland Av Glenolden Pa 19036 GLENOLDEN, PA 19036 - Glenolden
  • 2363-2399 West Marshall Road Drexel Hill, PA - Upper Darby
    These signs are annoying. They get tacked higher and higher on poles because concerned citizens such as myself fighting plight in the neighborhood rip them down. They are ugly and make Drexel Hill look like West Philly. There is a $400 or so fine for tacking signs to posts in Upper Darby, they only want to enforce it when someone puts up political signage that is against the current administration.
  • 711 Long Ln Upper Darby, PA 19082, USA - Upper Darby
    I would like to see the Upper Darby Police bust the drug dealers that brazenly do their work right across the street from the mini police station on Long Lane. They hang in front of Lee's House Chinese Take Out, or the little grocery store next door that is operated by Middle Easterners
  • 106 S Lansdowne Ave Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA - Lansdowne
  • 80 Ardmore Ave Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA - Lansdowne
    Resident parks his truck on curb stating he can do what he wants as it is his property. Neighbors complain when it is dark they sometimes walk into the side mirrors. Police need to enforce law and park on the street or park in driveway.
  • Bunting Lane Secane, PA 19018, USA - Upper Darby
    all kinds of double parked vehicles.. morning noon and night.. right ACROSS FROM AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
  • Drexel Hill PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    Could someone PLEASE tell the crossing guard that she is there to cross the CHILDREN, not to stop traffic when there are adults crossing the street or to try and direct traffic?? She is going to get herself killed!
  • 551-799 N Lansdowne Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
  • 201-299 Highland Ave Darby, PA 19023, USA - Darby
    Trash on street. Abandoned crashed car, trailer...A fire lane that residents use to dump what they don't want anymore. Drove down this street and felt trapped because it was a dead end and spent way too much time turning around and got too good of a look at the properties.
  • 407-499 Chester Pike Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - Glenolden
    There is a fitness place on Chester Pike near Glenolden and Norwood that advertises Pole Dancing Zumba on their sign out front (huge sign, big letters, very easy to read when driving by). This is absolutely disgusting. This is a neighborhood for families who are raising young children. Please have them take this sign down immediately. Not only is it an eyesore but it is an insult to the surrounding community that they thought we would tolerate this kind of obscene and trashy behavior.
  • 4928 State Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    The parkinglot really needs to be totally redone and redesigned, but the MAIN ENTERANCE IS FULL OF POTHOLES! The thousands of cars that use the enterance daily for all the business located in the shopping center, and no one can scrape together a few hundred $$$ to repave the enterance? Maybe the landlords could start a collection at the fresh grocer if they are broke? It shouldn't take long to beg for enough $ to pave a 20 foot stretch of single lane enterance.