Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • Baltimore Pike & Union Ave Lansdowne, PA - Lansdowne
    Person walking around neighborhood with unleashed pit bull.
  • Clifton Heights PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    So many people walk from the trolley to work, to home, to the bus etc. We need more public trash cans in our neighborhoods and in areas where there are walkers. The trolley and train stops in Clifton Heights need trash cans.
  • 3900-3998 James St Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    The apartment building at 3918 James street is a constant nuisance to the neighborhood of James st and the surrounding area. During the summer the cops are constantly in the neighborhood becuase of the drug addicts and dealers living there. Residents have called the cops so many times and the people still remain that we have actually lost faith in the abilities of the Upper Darby police department to clean up this building. The landlord seems to not care about the neighborhood becuase he continually rents to derelicts/ There is a couple of girls in and out of that building that sell themselves for drug money and have even had people looking for them on the street while children are out playing because they ripped them off. We are afraid that one day these girls that are selling themselves are going to rip the wrong person off and they will come looking for them in the neighborhood with firearms. Please help clean up this building and remove the trash from out street.
  • 501-549 Glenfield Ave Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - Glenolden
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Bjs Springfield pa, Springfield, PA - Springfield
    A FEW weeks ago I was ticketed for running in BJS for dropping an item from my cart.(my car was in the front).Literally ran in for 30 seconds picked it up, and this man with no ID, claiming to be the Springfield Fire Marshall..yelled and kept telling me not to PARK in front of the store..I told him I knew that and explained I dropped an item..he was nasty and I got nasty..2 weeks later I get the $40 ticket..didn't want to pay it, waited for a notice to go fight it, and the Springfield Police chief sent me a nice letter that I was late paying for it, and they would give me 2 weeks to pay nice!! ok, I did pay it, along with a note and not to mention I made phone calls to complain about what happened that's not the $40, but principal..he was such a jerk!! now I have pics to prove there are NO yellow markings nor a sign NOT to park (Fire Zone) in front!! plus the Us postal and UPS park in the front and drop off mail..etc..I guess that's LEGAL???
  • 24-98 Old State Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    Motorists cut-through Old State Rd from State Rd and speed down as if it were State Rd. This is a residential street with a number of children and elderly residents.
  • Baltimore Pike And Lansdowne Ave lansdowne, pa 19050 - Lansdowne
    please please please put some left turning arrows or SOMETHING here,this is one of the worst intersections around,it needs to be FIXED
  • 322 Westmont Dr Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    this dog barks 24/7 morning, noon, and nite late nite
  • 500 Mildred Ave Secane, Pa - Upper Darby
    The has an advertisment, which is ALREADY ON PLAY, advertising the Tri-State Liquors by a child! This is not appropriate for the public to see & hear and is very annoying when you are trying to read an article in the newspaper on line. The DelCotimes apparently refuses to correct this.
  • 4900-4998 Woodland Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    Which Upper Darby genious decided to make Woodland Ave one way at Drexel Line Shopping Center. Traffic was just fine before. Perhaps they should make state road one way too?
  • P2-74 W Oak Ln Folcroft, A 19036, USA - Glenolden
    Heading south on Oak Ave. to Chester Pike, a left turn at this intersection should not be allowed. Sometimes only one vehicle makes it through the light. At times, there may be several vehicles turning left, and you may sit through several lights while only less than a block from the intersection. Drivers even cut through the Wawa parking lot to get around the intersection. Septa adds to this congestion by routing buses to turn north onto Oak Ave. from the west bound side of Chester Pike. Many buses cannot make the turn. It is a real mess...
  • 1003 Macdade Blvd Darby, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    Could the person in the red hoodie and the droopy jeans shorts please stop defecating in the trolley stop at the corner of Wayne Ave. and MacDade Blvd. in Collingdale. It's not funny, its disgusting and little kids play back there. The next time anyone sees this guy they should call the police