Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • 1640 So. 59th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    The driveway directly behind the property is a trash-drop. See Image below.
  • 6604 Buist Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    Wood, nails, table, boxes. Dumped here almost every week
  • 3100 West 13th St Chester Pa 19013/ - Springfield
    turn st. back to a 1way before accident happens
  • pole holes Archived
    112 S Acacdemy Ave Glenolden, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    pole hole on South Academy need to be fixed before you have a major accident this is the 5th request plus they keep you up at night
  • 65 Th St Making A Left Onto Macdade Blvd In Yeadon Pa Yeadon , PA - Yeadon
    Please resurface the left lane coming off of 65 th st onto MacDade Blvd in Yeadon PA
    Road has been all broken up since last year. Please fix
  • 615 Glenfield Ave Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - Glenolden
    2 dogs left out on the front lawn, sometimes for a half an hour at a time,bark at all hours. Waking neighbors up/ annoying people.
  • Pothole! Archived
    7701-7749 Hazel Ave Upper Darby, PA 19082, USA - Upper Darby
  • 400 S 61 St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Cobbs Creek
    two different men walking their pitt bulls and not cleaning up after them. one is a tall black man with short hair cut and short beard with a white pitt bull with tan spots and the other man kind OF short black male walking two pitt bulls . they both let their dogs pass the bowels on side walks in front of people's houses and never ever cleans it up. they never have bags to clean up after the dogs.. HELP HELP STOP THIS !!!
  • 202 S Elmwood Ave Glenolden, PA - Glenolden
    Street light out on South Elmwood Ave and East Knowles Ave in Glenolden, PA.
  • 2200 Steele Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Havertown
    I would like to see a stop sign at the corner of Signal Rd and Steel Rd. When a car is parked on the northeast side it is imposible to see oncoming traffic
  • 2600 Bialy St Philadelphia, PA - Eastwick
    this bed has been waiting for trash pickup for months, it on the side of the block where no house are at, and it is destroying the block
  • Traffic Open
    101 S Mcdade Blvd Darby, Pennsylvania - Darby
    Since the addition of the strip mall traffic there is terrible. Buses both Septa and the William Penn School district come out from that location. A traffic light needs to be put there or a no left turn sign. Plus people are trying to cross to get either to Sav a Lot or Produce Junction. Something needs to be done to eliminate the problem. Also, a light would be nice at MacDade and Cedar Avenue. The locals know to make the left on 10th St and go down Wycombe Ave but those who don't its a challenge to turn left at that corner.