Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • 500 East Mayland Street Philadelphia, PA19144 - US Congressional District PA7
    there is a grey impala that the block drug dealers use for storing drugs. no tags unlocked and it is trash please fix it.
  • 5409 Thomas Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    The porch roof at 5409 Thomas is partially collapsed and water is damaging the floor below. There are children living in this house and the the floor of the porch is in imminent danger of collapsing. This is in violation of PM-304.4, PM-304.1 and PM-304.5. Please send L&I to investigate.
  • 6017 Greenway Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    tan Lincoln
    no tags , parked on the pavement
    between 6015 and 6017
  • U.S. 13 Sharon Hill, PA 19079, USA - Sharon Hill

    This is NOT a pedestrian intersection, yet there are children crossing here every school day to get to Collingdale.

    They often have no regard for oncoming traffic or other pedestrians. There is a light and pedestrian crossing one block west of this intersection, but it is not being used by the students.

    Education in the schools and by the parents could help alleviate this some, but I believe some steps should be taken by the borough in order to prevent any traffic accidents or fatalities in the near future, I suggest something be done about this. I believe that rumble strips installed on this particular stretch of Chester Pike (From Cherry atop the hill, to the lights at Ridley.) to reduce speed and increase safety could help.

    School crossing signs would not hurt, either.

  • Chester Avenue And Church Lane YEADON, PA - Yeadon
    Pot holes need to be filled in, up and down the road
  • Glenolden Ave Glenolden, Pennsylvania - Glenolden
    Street light out corner of Glenolden Ave and South Elmwood Ave.
  • 2210 S 58th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    There 2200 block of S 58th St (between Woodland Ave and the railroad crossing) is littered with potholes. Cars must traverse this stretch going no more than 5mph, otherwise the car will be damaged. This is a major thoroughfare.
  • 5901 Warrington Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    Abandoned house is consistently littered with trash; has a falling down anchor fence around it and is a magnet for dumping because of the trashy appearance. Owner lives in the area but is negligent in keeping the home cleaned and rented out. When it is rented out there are always issues with plumbing which runs onto 59th Street.
  • Corner Of Bryn Mawr Avenue And Shadeland Avenue Lansdowne, Pennsylvania - Lansdowne
    There are two pot holes at the Septa bus stop on Shadeland Avenue, right before you reach Bryn Mawr Avenue. One is rather deep and causing problems for vehicles who have to swerve around or hit it hard and will damage tires.
  • 100-196 Folcroft Ave Folcroft, PA 19032, USA - Folcroft
    Coming from Folcroft Avenue - the traffic light takes forever - Light does not need to be as long coming from Llanwellyn Gardens - Make that a light when someone comes to the intersection.
  • South Scott Ave. Glenolden - Glenolden
  • 800-898 Quaint St Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - US Congressional District PA7