Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • 680-718 Yeadon Ave Yeadon, PA 19050, USA - Yeadon
    vehicle are not stopping at the stop sign, and one day there is going too be serious accident, because there is too many kids in the area.
  • 908 Pitman Avenue Collingdale, Pennsylvania - Collingdale
    The street light has been out for a long time and it is very dark over there at night. Please fix this asap.
  • 926-998 Coates St Sharon Hill, PA - Sharon Hill
    large tree branch down. Laying across a homes power service lines
  • 101-103 Oak Ln Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - Aldan
  • 200 - 300 Block Of Pine Street glenolden pa - US Congressional District PA7
    I'm afraid of letting my child play in my front yard. Cars speed down the street like crazy. The township will not allow us to put up a fence to keep our children safe so the township could at least do something about the speeders. A speed hump half way through would work wonders…. Look what it did for Green Street.
  • 1600 Block Of South 59th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    Overgrown vacant lot where house has been torn down - directly across the street from developed lot. Mosquito haven - further dumping threat. Needs to be mowed and trash removed.
  • 1 23 N Garfield Ave Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The side way on Ashland Ave and Garfield St near the Church needs to be fixed you could kill yourself at night they need to add dirt or have a side way put in. Also a street light would be nice since it very dark on that side of the street since the house faces Garfield
  • 2617-2631 S 64th St Philadelphia, PA 19142, USA - Elmwood
    This street needs to be plowed.
  • Macdade Blvd & 65th Yeadon, Pennsylvania - Yeadon
    Every time someone goes to the right at end of MacDade there is a medium pot hole and getting bigger. Also, past that on 65th where trolley track are are a lot of little potholes that need fixing. Thank you.
  • 6419 Garman St Philadelphia, PA 19142, USA - Elmwood
    This street needs to be plowed.
  • pothole Open
    2600 Bonnaffon St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    There's a pothole in the street right in front of the breezeway on the right hand side.
  • 65 Th St Making A Left Onto Macdade Blvd In Yeadon Pa Yeadon , PA - Yeadon
    Please resurface the left lane coming off of 65 th st onto MacDade Blvd in Yeadon PA
    Road has been all broken up since last year. Please fix