Stonehurst Killz

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East Delco-Southwest

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  • 1026-1098 Main Street Darby, Pennsylvania - Darby
    The intersection of Landsdowne Ave/ Main St. and MacDade Blvd. is in terrible shape, full of pot holes. Please fix. Thx
  • 109 Stratford Rd Glenolden, PA 19036, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Dog barks from 7:3oam til 7:45 pm mon through friday, ignorant owners who do not care for their dog or their neighbors. They walk the dog once a day around the block and allow it to use their deck as a bathroom, the back alley is starting to smell like urine on hot days.
  • 2100 South 57th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    Illegal dumping keeps occurring at this rental property on Greenway Ave between Greenway Ave and S Alden St. Besides setting up bad example, it creates great inconvenience to property residents and health hazard.
  • 311 E Baltimore Pike Clifton Heights Pa. 19018 - Springfield
    When are you going to fill in the road as soon as you cross over the trolley tracks on baltimore pike right before 311E Baltimore Pike Clifton Heights. No matter how slow you go it is a bad spot. Especially since someone is always right on top of you.
  • 2-52 Saxer Ave Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The road has been heaved for over a year. If ice comes this winter cars may lose control.
  • 2300 South 70th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Elmwood
    There is a pot hole in the middle of the block. It is a high traffic street. The cars sometimes have to swirve across the yellow line. It has caused many flat tires. It has caused a problem with our pipes in the past. Please seal the hole before it gets bigger!!!
  • 680-718 Yeadon Ave Yeadon, PA 19050, USA - Yeadon
    vehicle are not stopping at the stop sign, and one day there is going too be serious accident, because there is too many kids in the area.
  • 2210 S 58th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    There 2200 block of S 58th St (between Woodland Ave and the railroad crossing) is littered with potholes. Cars must traverse this stretch going no more than 5mph, otherwise the car will be damaged. This is a major thoroughfare.
  • 926-998 Coates St Sharon Hill, PA - Sharon Hill
    large tree branch down. Laying across a homes power service lines
  • 1600 Block Of South 59th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Planning District University/Southwest
    Overgrown vacant lot where house has been torn down - directly across the street from developed lot. Mosquito haven - further dumping threat. Needs to be mowed and trash removed.
  • Golf Rd Darby, PA 19023, USA - Darby
    When is the borough going to enforce the public safety issue of people CONSTANTLY parking in front of the fire hydrants and handicapped access curbs? Where is the enforcement?
  • Macdade Blvd & 65th Yeadon, Pennsylvania - Yeadon
    Every time someone goes to the right at end of MacDade there is a medium pot hole and getting bigger. Also, past that on 65th where trolley track are are a lot of little potholes that need fixing. Thank you.