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  • 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    The 1500 Spring Garden building has charter busses that take people to and from the train station, they are operated by a company called DLC. While the DLC buses are loading and unloading at 1500 Spring Garden they stop in the bicycle lane and right hand traffic lane. This causes major traffic problems in the area and is unsafe. I saw a guy on a bike today almost get hit by one of the DLC buses.

    Maybe if buses did this around the corner on the less busy 15th street side of the building it would be better.

    Last year I spoke to someone at the police department and they said whenever I see it to call 911.

  • N 22nd St / Race St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
    When biking northward on 22nd street, the bike lane mysteriously disappears between Race until after Ben Franklin Pkwy. This is dangerous for cyclists who are given no official area to ride between these blocks.
  • N. 15th Street And John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    Cars traveling South on 15th street crossing JFK have a lane shift slightly to the East. However, this lane shift is unmarked. Most vehicles are unaware of this shift and vehicles in the second lane from the right continue straight, cutting off vehicles in the right lane that need to shift to the left.

    This lane shift should be clearly marked via white dotted lines crossing JFK on 15th street.

    I have witnessed numerous side-swipe accidents as well as many, many near hits, as people swerve to get out of the way.

  • 2209 Pennsylvania Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Logan Square
    Unpleasant area for pedestrians. Could the street geometry be changed to better accommodate disabled, children and elderly people who walk here?
  • 1599 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
  • 22nd St And Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
    During rush hour, the traffic light does not give enough time to 22nd Street. This has a ripple effect all the way down to at least Chestnut Street, which gridlocks Chestnut, Market, and every other cross street.
  • 137 N 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
    Developer on west side of 22nd dug a utility ditch along the entire width of 22nd Street. It is filled in with dirt and gravel. The gravel has been pushed into the bike lane due to motor vehicle traffic going over the ditch. When will this ditch be filled in and why isn't taking so long?
  • Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square

    Please fix the crosswalk button at this location. It doesn't seem like the traffic light crossing MLK at this location ever goes green, button or not. People group in a herd, impatiently pushing the buttons and waiting to cross while traffic whizzes by unimpeded. This makes crossing more dangerous as one must navigate past the speeding traffic and the mass of people who cross at once when the coast is clear.

    I've brought this to the city's attention several times before but it seems the Streets Department does not monitor functionality of its devices.

  • 2028 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Logan Square
    There is a pothole in the far right lane halfway between 20th and 21st on Arch Street; this hole could be dangerous for cyclists, who are often forced to the right by traffic.
  • 2266 Cuthbert St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Logan Square
    Entire stretch between 23rd and 22nd in disrepair. The street is worn down to the original cobbles and entire sections of those are missing!
  • 2010-2098 Cuthbert St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Logan Square
    Street has not been plowed.
  • 1762 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Logan Square
    TGI Friday's vendors block bike lane / turning lane while unloading supplies during AM rush hour - loading dock is @ Cherry Street