Arlington County Environmental Services

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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • S Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    At this point on the ramp one has a choice of staying to the left and going to 395S and Arlington Ridge road, or staying to the right and doing Rt 27 N/Washington Blvd towards Clarendon. The sign towards Clarendon came down in a storm years ago and has never been fixed, resulting in a lot of people cutting over into the right hand lanes dangerously when they realize they don't want to get back on 395.
  • S Glebe At W Glebe Rd Arlington, va - Long Branch Creek
    In the afternoon/evening, it take a long time to get through the light at the exit of 7a of 395. This seems to be due in part to the weird traffic light sequence at S/W Glebe split. The light is often red when the exit traffic light is green which results in many people blocking the box as it takes so long to get off of the exit.
  • 1505 Quinn Street Arlington, VA - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights
    The tree adjacent to Rahill Apartments is overgrown and contacting the roof and chimney. This is already a fire hazard and will become a worse collision hazard with the approaching hurricane season. A tree branch fell today on 16th street contacting a power line and hitting a car. The trees in this area are in need of maintenance and trimming where they contact power lines and rooftops.
  • Custis Trail Arlington, Virginia - North Rosslyn

    A stop sign was posted about a year ago on the custis trail at the parking lot exit from the Marriott Hotel onto Lee Highway. This is a sidewalk/trail and a driveway exit...not a place where a stop sign can legally be required for pedestrians/cyclists. It's also unclear if the Arlington County is responsible for posting this sign to begin with. Cars coming out of that exit must to yield to pedestrians/bicycles and placing a stop sign on the trail only helps to legitimize failure to yield behavior from drivers. It's also unclear - is the stop sign for all trail users or just bikes? A similar stop sign at Custis Trail and Scott street was removed for this same reason.

    Better yet, Arlington County should consider removing that exit from the hotel altogether. It has poor sight-lines for all users and there has been more than one crash there, especially given that drivers entering onto Lee Highway often fail to look right for foot/bicycle traffic due to the one-way nature of Lee Highway. Traffic can easily exit the Marriott parking lot (including large buses) through the existing Ft. Meyer Drive entrance/exit.

  • Gw Parkway Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    GW Parkway, from Key Bridge to Chain Bridge needs complete re-paving. Pothole fixes for the past 3+ years aren't solving the problem.
  • Danville And Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA - Lyon Village

    I daily see pedestrians almost get hit/run over at this intersection. It is absolutely amazing no one has been killed here over the years.

    Everywhere else across Wilson at corners there are crosswalks across Wilson, but for some reason not here.

    This is a major cross walk into the neighborhood and from Whole Foods and it is also a blind corner for cars. You almost always see cars honk and almost hit one another here because they try to gun it across since there is no light.

    This puts the pedestrians in danger here also without crosswalks.

    This intersection BADLY needs crosswalks ACROSS Wilson, not just across the side street.

  • 1740-1748 S Glebe Rd Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Nauck

    VDOT or the County needs to look into restricting left turns from So.bound Glebe road traffic on to 17th Rd. S, during rush hour. Cars end up stacking into the intersection with Walter Reed or try to swerve out of the way of stopped cars.

    I'm assuming the people are using this to get access to the Army Navy Country Club, but at least at rush hour, using 19th street would be a little safer.

  • 2245-2251 N Vermont St Arlington, VA 22207, USA - Donaldson Run
    The construction company repaving Lee Hwy drove its paving equipment down Vermont St. To park it overnight and damaged Vermont Street by leaving hardened globs of asphalt along the way. It appears it may be possible to scrape off these globs but that hasn't happened yet.
  • U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington Forest
    This crosswalk is not lit with a nearby streetlight. Saw a pedestrian almost struck by turning vehicle. Other crosswalks nearby have suitable lighting.
  • Intersection Beside Weta Arlington, VA - Clarendon-Courthouse
    The intersection beside WETA where traffic coming from Four Mile Run direction have to yield to traffic in the circle moving towards SHirlington. This intersection is so dangerous and I have had several near misses in the last week alone. People consistently ignore the yield sign and do not look to the left when they enter the circle. Because of the design, it may appear that they have their own lane. I think the county needs to install large yield signs on both sides of the street. Also, they should do traffic enforcement and write tickets there from 5pm through 8pm.
  • 4401-4489 N Lorcom Ln Arlington, VA 22207, USA - Waverly Hills
    Right turners from Lorcom Lane to Lee Hwy have their own lane to turn into. However, cars traveling west on Lee Hwy constantly cross solid line into the that lane. I have never seen that law enforced and there have been accidents there. The county should put up pole dividers to disallow crossing the solid line
  • 3138 10th Street N Arlington, VA - Lyon Park
    10th St N & Irving St. there is a crosswalk which NO cars ever observe. There are clearly marked fines for cars but every single time I use this crosswalk I am in fear for my life. Everyone I know who uses this feels the same way. It is time we get lights or something else!