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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • Chain Bridge McLean , Virginia - Olde Glebe
    Coming from VA, there is NO SIGN of any kind to warn motorists that Chain Bridge is being closed from 9 pm to 5 am. We tried to drive to DC at 10 pm last night, and found the bridge closed. If is difficult/dangerous to turn around where Chain Bridge Road and Glebe intersect just on the VA side of the bridge - why is not there a sign BEFORE VA drivers get to the point of no return? Also, I am on all the "alert" lists for DC, Arlington etc and have not received ANY noticse.
  • 2608 Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Penrose
    Between N Filmore and the exit for Washington Blvd there is a bump across all 3 lanes of traffic with the worst part being in the left lane. This 'Speed Bump' causes unnecessary delays as folks slam on the breaks to try and avoid damage to cars
  • 1919 N Lynn St Arlington, VA 22209, USA - Arlington
    The crosswalks at N Lynn for two intersections - N Lynn and Lee Hwy Southbound and N Lynn and Lee Hwy northbound are badly faded and paved over. These are both high traffic ped/bike intersections. Can they please be repainted with high visibility crosswalks? It would be good for ped/bike safety.
  • 1958 2188 U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Arlington
    On in-bound Route 50, there is some type of blue directions sign for Route 66 laying in the grass on the side of the road. Location is within 300-500 feet of marker placed on SeeClickFix map. Sign is in grass near Fort Myer fence (closer to street than to fence).
  • 520 12th St S Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Aurora Highlands
    It would be great if the lighting of the crosswalk at this intersection could be increased. Specifically, I was turning left off of Eads street onto 12th St. heading towards the route one bridge or towards the Lenox. Before 6 AM in the morning, I could barely see the pedestrian that was trying to cross, even with his khaki trousers to "brighten" him. Additional lights at this intersection to see the Crosswalks would help.
  • 23rd Street Arlington, Virginia - Aurora Highlands
    The light to turn onto Route 1 from 23rd street appears to be both too short and ill timed with the other lights (only 1 green for every 2 for cars coming from other directions).
  • S. Glebe & W. Glebe Arlington, VA - Buckingham
    Someone has changed the traffic light timing. Not only is the traffic merging onto S. Glebe from 395 dangerous now it takes 15 minutes to get through the 2 lights there.
  • 23rd Street And Jefferson Highway Arlington, VA - Aurora Highlands
    Travel South on Route 1, turning Left onto 23rd, there is poor signage which I see causing "almost" accidents daily. When you turn LEFT, the far left lane can turn either onto 23rd St or can turn LEFT than an immediate RIGHT onto S. Clark St. The right lane of the double turn can only turn LEFT than an immediate RIGHT onto S. Clark. What happens though, is that some cars in the right lane of the double turn think that they can turn LEFT onto 23rd, causing an almost accident with a car to their LEFT who may be planning to turn RIGHT down S. Clark. Signage is poor --- either a bigger sign needs to be installed or the flow of traffic needs to be changed.
  • 23rd Street South Arlington, VA - Aurora Highlands
    There are a couple crosswalks on this road, but there are also several places that were paved but never had the crosswalks repainted. There are 3 daycare centers on the same block and cars could care less if a parent and small child are crossing
  • North Lynn Street & U.S. 29 Arlington, VA 22209, USA - Arlington
    The center and left lanes both turn left onto n. Lynn from lee hwy. you should paint lane lines on the road so each car clearly knows which lane to drive into. Half of the time the lee hwy center lane goes into the far right lane and sometimes it goes into the center right lane. Then the intersection turns into a quagmire and becomes congested. Every M-F & probably most light cycles. Please paint the white lines to guide motorists correctly through this intersection. Thx
  • Pothole Open
    1100 South Hayes Street Arlington, VA - Aurora Highlands
    Pothole/severe road damage on southbound Hayes St. right at the intersection with Army Navy. Especially bad if you're headed south on Hayes from the 395/Rt.27 offramp.
  • 6711 Washington Boulevard Arlington, VA - Arlington-East Falls
    VDOT told me they have no money to remove the english ivy that's killing these trees. Do they have money to plant new trees? They have money for a $1M bus stop!