Arlington County Environmental Services

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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • 2100 Crystal Drive Arlington, VA - Arlington
    The traffic light signaling traffic coming out of a blind entrance to the parking garage and crossing a sidewalk has been disabled for several months. Pedestrians are constantly nearly hit
  • 3506 North Ottawa Street Arlington, VA 22213, USA - Williamsburg
    Two potholes in concrete apron
  • Potomac Heritage Trail Arlington, VA 22207, USA - Arlington
    There is a large light globe on the Key Bridge that has been blown off its seating. If it topples off completely, a pedestrian or cyclist on the Key Bridge sidewalk could be seriously injured.
  • Custis Trail Arlington, Virginia - Waycroft-Woodlawn
    Tree roots have grown up through the asphalt surface of the trail here posing a hazard for cyclist, joggers, and pedestrians. Please repave this section of trail!
  • 4018 Campbell Avenue Arlington, VA - Fairlington-Shirlington
    The nice shrubbery in the center of Campbell Ave unfortunately blocks the view of pedestrians coming from the other side of the street in the crosswalk. Drivers may not see them until they step out in front of them.
  • Intersection Of Memorial Circle Washington Blvd, and the Memorial Bridge, Arlington, Va - Arlington
    Most of the lane markings on the southeast section of Memorial Circle have been worn off. Even with clear markings this would be a tricky intersection, where drivers turn off Memorial Circle to go into DC over the Memorial Bridge and drivers coming north on Washington Blvd cross over those lanes to enter Memorial Circle or continue on north. The lack of lane markings mean cars frequently turn right off Memorial Circle from the left hand lane (cutting off the cars in the actual turn lane), while cars in the actual turn lane on the right try to drive into the same curved lane after looking 120 degrees over their right shoulder for oncoming traffic and then encounter a fast moving car coming around them to the left and swerving into their right hand lane to cross Memorial Bridge. I have a near miss at least once a week at this intersection during rush hour and it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident.
  • 900 South Orme Street Arlington, Virginia - Foxcroft Heights
    The left turn traffic signal into South Orme street, at the intersection of Columbia Pike and South Orme stays red for far too long/ upwards of 10 minutes. Please look in to.
  • 5101-5199 16th St N Arlington, VA 22205, USA - High View Park
    Zone six only side of the street, no zone six permit in vehicle
  • 1868-1898 North Scott Street Arlington, Virginia - North Highland
    This light needs a left turn arrow. People coming down 21st play chicken with cars turning left onto the 66 on-ramp. During morning rush hour, cars back up and are regularly stuck on the overpass for 3-4 cycles of the light until an assertive driver makes it to the front of the queue.
  • N Rolfe St & Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights
    I realize that 50-E is undergoing major construction, but some of the changes around the right exit to Fort Myer/Queen Street have made for dangerous conditions. There is a median at that exit (on the left when you're taking the exit, on the right when you're continuing down 50-E) that isn't marked at all, so at night it is hard to see. I take that exit regularly and narrowly miss running up on the curb all the time! It would be helpful if they could paint the median bright yellow or add some reflectors. Or both!
  • 2800 Potomac Ave Arlington, VA - Arlington
    A passenger van (from a hotel?) parks (idles?) on the bike lane Monday through Friday around 7:30 AM. This dangerously forces bikers into the car lane and forces cars on the right lane to single file into the left lane. It also blocks their view of the right side of the pedestrian crosswalk (right before the Crystal Drive intersection).
  • 3161-3199 Clarendon Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Lyon Village
    Two lights broken/beheaded on the inbound side of key bridge