Arlington County Environmental Services

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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • Spout Run Parkway Arlington, VA - North Highland
    Southbound Spout Run Parkway (at the merge of the Northbound turnaround) has multiple potholes in both lanes.
  • 2216 North Harrison Street Arlington, Virginia - Leeway
    about medium size - several in the northbound direction
  • S Abingdon Street Arlington, Virginia - Fairlington-Shirlington
    Please finish painting the crosswalk near Abingdon Elementary on S Abingdon Street (between 29th & 31 St S). This is a school zone and cars rarely stop in the afternoon because the crosswalk stripes were paved over. Thank you
  • 2816-2818 S Wakefield St Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Fairlington-Shirlington
    Pot holes and broken pavement - corner of S. Wakefield Street and S. 28th Rd.
  • Francis Scott Key Bridge Washington, VA - Arlington
    Heading southbound on Key Bridge, either second or third to last streetlight near south end of bridge is burnt out.
  • 2421-2429 26th Road South Arlington, Virginia - Long Branch Creek
    Vehicles do not stop at 3 way stop at 26th Rd and S Adams St. This is in the middle of the Avalon at Arlington Square community and most cars are utilizing Army Navy Drive that turns into S. Adams St. in order to reach 395. I have almost been hit while walking on foot numerous times due to cars not stopping at Stop signs.
  • 1000 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA - North Rosslyn
    There is some road work going on in this area. The work goes till well past midnight (i've been awake till 2pm since last 3-4 days). It's very very noisy. Due to warm weather, I can't keep the windows closed. Is it possible to stop the noisy work by 10 pm?
  • Pothole Open
    4522 37th Street North Arlington, Virginia - Olde Glebe
    The gas company did some repair work but the patch is a mess and becoming a pothole.
  • 4200 N Carlin Springs Rd Arlington, VA, 22203, USA - Buckingham
    The Maxwell Apartments haven't had trash picked up in weeks! The entire loading dock is almost full, people moving in can't bring uhauls in at all anymore because of it
  • Us-29 Arlington, VA 22209, USA - Arlington
  • Fort Barnard Heights Park 2448 24th Rd S, Arlington, VA, 22206, USA - Nauck
    It takes forever for the green light to come on to turn out of 24th Rd S. People are even turning left on red because it skips 24th rd numerous times before it turns green please fix this ASAP!
  • 3514 17th St. So Arlington, VA - Douglas Park
    Was working at courthouse in Fairfax County and sent to Dullas to see the Air Show when Dullas just opened up. Could not find the Air Show and walked around empty ghost terminal and underneath building as well to find someone to ask. Two police, then escorted me into a room and told me to strip. I do not look too Hispanic, perhaps a powdery Italian, and spoke perfect English. There were a number of plane crashes that day at the air-show that was possibly nearby, the manager of Dullas told me decades later.