Arlington County Environmental Services

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Arlington County Dept. of Environmental Services.

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  • Exit 8c Arlington, VA - Arlington
    The street lights for the bridge at Exit 8C from I-395 to Arlington are along the top of the East guard rail. Only one or two are still flickering. They appear to be flourescent.
  • Crystal Drive Arlington, VA - Arlington
    Train conductors blow the whistles too loud and too long. It is extremely annoying to the many people living and working in the area. People waiting for the train further down, do not need such warning. Please help us get to someone who can stop all this unnecessary disturbing noise. Thank you.
  • Sw Corner Of N Glebe And N Randolph Arlington , Va - Buckingham
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 300 N Glebe Rd Arlington, VA 22203, USA - Buckingham
    Walk button incorrectly located: crossing busy roads is dangerous and walk signals can make it safer. Common practice is to put buttons perpendicular to the road which the button affects. Not so this one: it is parallel, confusing, less likely to be used, and therefore offers less safety. Please fix it!
  • 5801 Washington Blvd Arlington Virginia - Westover Village
    ~three sections of bricks sunken on the side walk in front of Westover Apartments. I wish I could upload a second picture!
    Someone put a cone on the set of two, but it's been there a while and with Swanson in session it's a hazard.
  • 1933 S Quebec St Arlington, VA 22204 - Douglas Park
    After rain or snow, water cascades from a hole in the wall down unto the sidewalk. Slime has formed on the sidewalk and is replaced with ice in the winter.
  • Francis Scott Key Bridge Washington, VA 20007, USA - Arlington
    Graffiti on Welcome to DC sign.
  • 10th Street And Washington Blvd Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    This is entirely too busy of an intersection, where often drivers are running red lights for there to be another hazard such as the pedestrian cross signals not working.
  • drain clogged Archived
    Westover Park arlington, va - Barcroft

    Fountain drain is clogged.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 1901 North Fort Myer Drive Arlington, VA 22209, United States of America - North Rosslyn
    Inadequately secured dumpsters on sloping sidewalk a few feet from four lanes of traffic.
  • Jay walkers Archived
    1500 N. Barton St. Arlington, VA - Lyon Village
    Barton St. and Franklin Rd. are combined on the north side of this intersection. The crosswalk signals must be too far away for pedestrians to understand they are meant for them. Many times when driving on my green light I have avoided oblivious people (most working their mobile phones) carelessly strolling against their light totally unaware of cars heading towards them. Not sure of solution other than a signal with a loudspeaker screeching "wait or die" if their light is red.
  • S. Chesterfield Rd. Arlington va 22206, arlington, va 22206 - Claremont
    no stop signs on Dinwiddie Street going around circle, it is an accident waiting to happen because cars already on the circle get ambushed by cars who don't have to stop coming from either side of Dinwiddie Street. I feel there should be a stop sign on Dinwiddie as well.