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Golden Gate

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  • 1086 Alcatraz Ave Oakland, CA - Paradise Park
    The crosswalk at Alcatraz and Herzog is VERY unsafe. There are two elementary schools and a new Oakland Recreation Youth Center in the area. In addition, there is a large apartment building nearby with a large senior population. Cars are coming from four directions. There have been several recent near misses where children and adults were nearly hit. Many cars also drive at unsafe speeds. School crossing guards have expressed concern for their own safety. Something urgently needs to be done now. In my opinion, there at least needs to be flashing "Slow Children" street signs from multiple directions and a raised crosswalk with flashing lights when pedestrians are crossing. Thank you for your attention to this serious safety issue.
  • Other: Sewers Archived
    5606 San Pablo Avenue Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Gaskill
    Plugged sewer main means no toilets for the librarians and surrounding businesses! This needs to be fixed right away!
  • 61st Street And San Pablo Oakland, CA - North Oakland
    This intersection is blighted not just because of the auto parts store parking lot, but the turn lane curbs are completely cemented, thus, unlike other areas up san Pablo toward Ashby, we are not able to plant small flowers to make the intersection less blighted. We'd like the city to remove the concrete fill between the curbs at each turn lane; we can bill with dirt and plant small flowers. We want to reduce blight and reduce murders here; 3 within block this year. Your support in prioritizing our request is appreciated. (we're open to removing the concrete as well).
  • 6623 San Pablo Avenue Oakland California - Golden Gate
    McDonald's trash is flowing into the street. The city has only 1 garbage can which is on San Pablo, not near the exits, and not sufficient. Garbage is continuously tossed in the streets and is strewn down 66th and San Pablo impacting residents. Our community should not pay the price for this. McDonald's and the City of Oakland should pay to install and maintain the appropriate number of trash cans on the corners of 66th and San Pablo and possibly other locations. In addition, the City should ask McDonald's to provide regular street sweeping like other businesses in the area do.
  • Other Archived
    6050 Lowell Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    RV parked in same location on a city street for more than a week; RV is lifted on a jack and is undriveable; junk and trash accumulating around the vehicle.
  • 941-949 61st Pl Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    This large mass of junk has been growing daily. Not sure why the city keeps looking the other way. It blocks the sidewalk and splits into the street.
  • 6101-6115 Baker Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Paradise Park
    This car has been abandoned for nearly ten years on a unlicensed street. Last date on tag 1999.
  • Other Acknowledged
    5606 San Pablo Ave Oakland, California - Gaskill
    The elevator is out of order. Wheel chair bound library users and people with strollers have to go to other libraries because this location is not accessible.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    949 61st St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Pile of trash including what seems to be a bucket of human waste left behind by a trailer that was parked on the street for a month
  • 951-955 55th St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Gaskill
    This street needs to be repaved! There are multiple deep potholes and a faulty trench that runs down the middle of the street. Lots of failed sewer lateral patch jobs. Please repave 55th street between Adeline and San Pablo.
  • 901-939 61st Pl Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    I almost had a head on collision because two cars cannot pass due to enormous encampment in the street with RVs parked car month after month. It has reported time and time again and noting has happened. Stop closing our incidents!!!! I've emailed I've called and I've had it!!! So has the whole neighborhood.
  • 5765-5799 Lowell St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Gaskill

    Trash and graffiti are a problem at 5765 Lowell Street and the building next door (unsure of the street address), on the west side of Lowell between Arlington and Grace.

    Please enforce the relevant municipal codes so that the owners will clean up!