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  • Hiway 80 From Quaterman To Bull River - Chatham County

    from the light at quaterman rd all the way to the light at chu's, there is little or no signage to help tourist find tybee. I would like to see more signs and even arrows painted into the right lane warning " right lane MUST TURN RIGHT" and, put some barrier to stop the right lane from racing me up the bridge. the lack of signage just adds to confusion that tourist dont need. that confusion just makes the locals mad and does nothing to enhance public safety.

    a barrier should be constructed so that " last minute" jerks and people who always break in line will have to wait their turn or be FORCED to turn right onto johnny mercer.

    i have conveyed this to the state dot but evidently i am not a traffic engineer ....common sense evidently is non-existent at the DOT

  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2500 East President Street Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Chatham County
    Huge dip in road!!!
  • Vandalism Archived
    523 E 36th St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    Graffitti on back of garage, visible from E. Broad Street
  • 700 Block Of East Duffy Street Savannah, GA - Savannah
    Duffy Street has several rental properties that are not monitored by the property owners. Cars are parked on the sidewalks. This issue has been reported to the city and curbs were promised to help keep the vehicles parked on the street instead of on the sidewalks. That was a month ago and to date nothing has been done.
  • Pothole Archived
    5 West Coquena Circle Savannah, GA 31410, USA - Chatham County
    Three potholes on cul-de-sac
  • Sign - Repair Archived
    1596 Chatham Pkwy Garden City, Georgia - Garden City
    Traffic signal malfunction. Stopping traffic on Chatham Pkwy when no traffic present on off ramp from I-16.
  • Railroad Crossing/307 - Garden City
    Repair the railroad crossing on 307/Bourne Ave. When driving over have to come to an almost complete stop to not the have the vehicle shake horrifically.
  • 1181-1189 Pine Barren Rd Pooler, GA 31322, USA - Pooler
    Pooler Prkwy at Pine Barren Rd. the pedetrian crosswalk signal is laying in the median and has been for several days.
  • Pothole Archived
    8623 W Creighton Pl Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Located just north of walkway to 8623 W Creighton Pl. This is the same spot which was repaired a couple years ago due to a leak in the water main. The area continued to settle and now appears stable although deep.
  • Jimmy Deloach Pkwy Savannah, GA 31407, USA - Savannah
    The county and state need to finish the Jimmy Deloach Parkway form the Port of Savannah to I-16. Currently it ends in a swamp near GA 21 on one end. The other end stops at US Hwy 80 when it should go to I-16. This would help with the truck traffic into and out of the port. Use some of the stimulus money to do this.
  • Pothole Archived
    15 Burnt Tree Ct Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
  • 1500 Cresthill Ave Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Hasn't been picked up for 2 weeks