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  • Sign - Repair Archived
    1425 Chatham Pkwy Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    This concerns the traffic light at Chatham Pkwy and Police Memorial Dr.. Since the new development across Chatham Pkwy has been built, the light is on a timer instead of a sensor. Please fix this. And if not in your "area", please forward this request to the proper office.
  • 101 Rivermarsh Drive Savannah, Georgia - Georgetown
    Broken storm drain at corner of Rivermarsh Drive and Sugar Mill Drive in the Village Green subdivision
  • Lake Mayer - Savannah
    Grass is growing over running track as much as 12 inches in some places. Please weed eat or spray. This is a trip and fall hazard.
  • 7360 Skidaway Rd Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Potholes in front of Cutter's Point, the BP gas station, and at 7337 Skidaway on road going away from Isle of Hope.
  • Pothole Archived
    there is a pothole at this intersection. It has been repaired but the patch is falling apart and is coming up.
  • crime Open
    700-772 E Park Ave Ln Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    forget the potholes...transfer the funds to support the police in fixing the crime..muggings,, murders, theft, etc...it needs to stop or nobody will want to visit or live in the victorian district.
  • Sign - Repair Archived
    11 Soling Avenue Savannah, GA 31419, USA - Chatham County
    Street sign which states the street name and a stop sign are no long standing. The sign needs to be repaired because it's a school bus stop for elementary school kids and the drivers may not know they are suppose to stop at the intersection due to the sign being knocked down.
  • 5634 Betty Dr Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    Ditch is severely overgrown. Breeding ground for snakes and rats.
  • 6301 Garrard Avenue Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Drainage ditch on Garrard Avenue in front of my house needs to be cleaned. Also, it is my understanding that the ditch across the road has been blocked by an individual that recently build a pond. It looks to me as if he has completely blocked the drainage ditch that would cause my home to flood as it did in 1994.
  • Tree Maintenance Acknowledged
    9234 Melody Drive Halcyon Bluff - Chatham County
    Large live oak in front of 9234 Melody Dr has branches that hang down low over street (less than 6 feet) when wet after a rain. Vehicles are running into the branches.
  • 4812 Garrard Avenue Savannah, GA 31405, USA - Chatham County
    Asphalt at roads edge broken away causing large drop off
  • 8626 W Creighton Pl Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County