6th Police District, Bike Incidents

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-07

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • 400 S 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Society Hill
    huge pot hole at 5th and pine streets...slow down at the intersection!!! I saw a bike rider hit it and fall
  • Broad And Pine St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center West
    The intersection at Broad and Pine St as well as South St. are both extremely busy. The absence of a left turn arrow presents the opportunity for serious accidents to occur. Drivers often have to cutoff on coming traffic flowing north while simultaneously checking for pedestrian. The addition of a left turn signal would alleviate this issue.
  • 200 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    Seems like the majority of bikers are not obeying the traffic laws through out the city. You see many bikers not sop at red lights, stop signs, ride on the sidewalk when there is a line of traffic only to pass the vehicles and get back in the street. They even pass on right or the left when you re trying to turn instead of staying behind the vehicle. You wil see some bikers ride on the right of he street and some on the left of the street. I think we need more enforcment for those who break the law. At any corner a police officer could give lots of tickets to bikers.
  • 114 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    On Thursday, April 1, 2010, at 5:20 PM, the No. 23 Septa bus, Route ID 2195, was parked blocking the eastbound bike lane on Spring Garden Street near the El station. The bus in question was not accepting or discharging passengers but just parked blocking the lane with the driver inside and the doors closed. This is a regular occurrence with SEPTA drivers in this area. It forces bikers into the active traffic lanes at rush hour instead of using the designated bike lanes. There was sufficient room for the driver to have pulled into the bus parking area and not block the bike lane.
  • 209 S. 13th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    13th Street Pizza routinely denies access to the public bike rack in front of their pizza shop. They claim that they own the bike rack and that it is for their delivery people only.
  • 900 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center East
    A vehicle crashed into a building at this intersection earlier this week and took out a parking sign, motorcycle corrals and a bike rack. The stop light at this corner twisted 90 degrees, so that it now faces the same direction as opposing pedestrian traffic. For pedestrians crossing 9th street westbound, they see both a green and a red light at the same time. For pedestrians crossing Chestnut Street northbound, they see no light on the west side of the intersection.
  • 231-249 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Locked to street sign.
  • 1115-1199 Market Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    A group known as the Black Israelites had a stage with microphones making threats and targeting passerbys with their hateful rants made a ton of noise on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance to Market East station and the convention center. I don't know how often they are there but it shocks me that it's ok for them to create such an outrageous and noisy protest (?). In the span of a few minutes they targeted white people, gays, and the chinese. I know they have a right to do this but I feel that they have overstepped the limits. Such hateful displays of ignorance should be monitored. I saw no police presence - which I have seen monitoring other protests. Their call to arms is disturbing and threats terroristic.
  • 236 S Juniper St Philadelphia, PA 19107 - City Center East
    Huge hole on side of street, watch out bikers
  • Pine And Spruce On The East Side Of Broad Street Especially. - Society Hill
    Deplorable condition of the Pine and Spruce bike lanes especially the east side of Broad Street. The road surface is beyond terrible. I was told by Councilman DiCicco that the streets were to be repaced last Spring. What's up with that?
  • 1300 Gillingham Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    Trash is constantly dumped in front of green garages on gillingham street closest to oakland street garages owned by business on sellers street
  • 431 Fairmount Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Eye sore to the neighborhood.