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  • 6402 24th Aveune Brooklyn Ny 11204 - Ridgewood
    It been 3-4 days which this entire building stop having hot water after 5:00pm. This is when everyone gets back from work and it reminds water toward cold. And later on the evening, it is all cold water. Please get the city inspector and fine this building.
  • No heat Open
    77 Saint Marks Place New York, New York - East Village
    No heat in the building! Freezing cold apartments
  • no heat Open
    1259 White Plains Road - Union Port
    No heat in whole building at night every winter
  • 610 Trinity Avenue Bronx, NY 10455, USA - Mott Haven
    This is on-going: no continuous heating in the building. After complaining they turn it on for a two days. Even then they only provide the bear minimum. After two days they stop and you need to complain again if you want a bit of heat. Meanwhile you will get sick in the cold apartment.
  • No Heat Acknowledged
    2195 Grand Concourse - Tremont
    No Heat
  • no heat Open
    1259 White Plains Road - Union Port
    No heat in whole building at night every winter
  • No Heat Open
    117 W 116th Street New York NY 10026, USA - Harlem
    No Heat
  • 316 Beach 84th Street Rockaway Park, NY 11693, USA - City Council District 31
    electricity was cut off this morning
  • 144 Montague St 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA - City Council District 33
  • 2 Ellwood Street New York, NY 10040, USA - City Council District 10
    No heat or hot water for 24 hours. Coldest two days of the year so far!!! Freezing! Help. Multiple reports to 311 and Landlord go unanswered.
  • 109 Marcus Garvey Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA - City Council District 36
    My parents live at 109 Marcus Garvey Blvd. They are older and have tried repeatedly to get the management to address the lack of heat in their apartment. They are ignored and rudely spoken to. Lack of heat can lead to other health issues and there would be no one to take care of them as I live in Louisiana. My parents are not computer saavy where they can navigate online actions rather than personal visits to the office. I dont know what to do and am appealling to the city for assistance.
  • 1879 Troutman Street Ridgewood NY 11385 - Brownsville
    Helping to mobilize the community against landlords that are not providing adequate heat and hot water to tenants.