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  • 255 W 187th St New York, NY 10040, USA - Washington Heights
    Our hot water goes completely out several times a day, and has for over a year now. The overall pressure is very, very weak. And the temperature is barely "warm" (we never turn on the cold water in the shower). We brought this matter to the building's attention the day we moved in, and have been brushed off ever since. We've filed multiple (successful) complaints with the City, but the Super, and the Building Condo Board still refuse to do anything to help us.
  • 835 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10032 - Washington Heights
    Hot water is not reliably provided to residents. Problem affects whole building and has been reported repeatedly to management and to 311, but it persists. We never know when we turn on the hot water faucet whether the water will be warm or ice cold. Super is unreachable when it happens and the repair number given by management goes to an answering service.
  • No Heat Open
    37-16 84th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA - City Council District 25
    89 year old retired grandmother has no heat since last evening.
  • 2770 Ocean Avenue New York, NY - City Council District 48
    So far, here are the issues we are forced to live with:
    1. Roach/pest infestation that is building-wide and NOTHING has been done in the two years we're living here
    2. Elevator (at least one of them) is making an awful noise and is in a constant state of disrepair.
    3. MOLD - our apt has it in both rooms and in the bathroom, I've spoken with other tenants - same story everywhere. Building owners aren't acting.
    4. Radiators hiss and emit an oily musty smell when the heat is on.
  • 3661 Marolla Pl Bronx, NY 10466, USA - Eastchester
    NO heat and three sick children reside here.Manager of the household claims she cant do nothing else.She done the best she can by bringing someone to look at the boiler.She doesnt want to bother herself to much ,but take the responsibilty to get the rent with a smile.
  • 1535 Taylor Ave/ Milbank Real Estate Services - Soundview
    there has been this continuious problem with this landlord for the second year. we recieve heat for one day a week and hot water two days a week. there are sick,elderlly, and young. the violations do not seem to get the results it is intended to . help
  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    Well the heat came and went just as fast. There was another cold evening/morning here at 1535 Taylor ave. It was cold last evening so we slept with an electric heater . No hot water this morning so the oven goes on and the stove to warm the water. These LANDLORDS must be stopped. I can't understand how the L.L. ,[MILBANK REAL ESTATE], does not go to jail. This is like holding the tenants hostage in a cave. The broken windows are still broken ,the heat/hot water is ,like last year , all but moot . What and how do tenants , get the services that come with the signing of a liese? The LANDLORDS prey on the poor,young,sick and elderlly. This problem needs the Maylor of NYC to get involved. HELP
  • 34-1-34-21 77th St Queens, NY 11372, USA - City Council District 25
    Our building is always cold at specific times during the day. For example, it's always cold at 3pm and although the heat comes up in the evening by 11 p m it is cold again.
  • 3546 Dekalb Ave New York, NY 10467 - Woodlawn-Nordwood
    there is no heat in the building during night
  • no heat Archived
    148 Otis Ave - Oakwood
    the house is in foreclosure since last year. we have been repairing everything ourselves. i have a disabled husband and son. we have no oil in the burner we went through this last year and why we are still allowed to stay here someone has to pay for the oil to heat my apartment. home federal bank owns the property now.
  • NO HEAT Archived
    35-15 75th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA - City Council District 25
    no HEAT since yesterday night, January 3rd
  • No Hot Water Archived
    352 E 141st St Bronx, NY 10454, USA - Mott Haven
    No hot water today and at least 4 days out of the week for the past 3 months since we were told they "installed new boilers" What a joke!! The heat is sporadic at best and hot water when we do have it is lukewarm and lasts about 2 minutes. Super and property owner are unresponsive