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  • 511 East 80 St New York, NY 10075, USA - Upper East Side

    511 East 80th ST

    The building owner lives in the building and didnt like the noise the heater was causing in the builidng and decided to have it shut off. This was sub 40 degree temperature at night. We have no heat and no one knows when it will be back on. This is ridiculous

  • Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    405 E 16th street Brooklyn NY 11226
  • 14021 31 Road Flushing Ny 11354 - Ridgewood
  • 1230 Sheridan Ave Bronx, NY 10456, USA - City Council District 16
    No heat, no hot water, garbage in hallways which now have rats. called 311 had an inspector come in months ago, and heard no response since... we must get together in order to have these issues finally addressed throughout NY.
  • no heat Open
    63 W 131st St New York, NY 10037, USA - Harlem
    we have not had heat the past 2 days
  • 1547 78th St Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA - Bensonhurst
    Our landlords like to just turn off the heat for days at a time and we are freezing. They are very nasty people in general.
  • Bronx NY 10460, USA - Bedford Park
    No heat , I complainted to super, landlord and 311. There's litlle heat in the AM hours but I'm at work and at PM when I home from work no heat. I heat my home with the stove, which is making my kids and I sick and a elec. heater which is making my bill even higher than normal. Holes under the kitchen sink which it been making my appt. a heaven for mice. I spend money on vemon and glue traps. They won't fix it and I have a court order for repair since May 2009. This is so stressful and costly.
  • 946 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA - Bushwick
    This building is a travesty! Not only is there no heat, but there's NO hot water! It's almost 10 degrees out, and my family and I are wearing everything but our coats and boots just keep warm! I have a daughter with chronic asthma, and she can't handle this cold weather! Calls to 311 have gone completely un-heard. And my apartment isn't the only one without heat/hot water.
  • 537 Park Pl Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Prospect Heights
    Have been without all winter. Were told by the management company (All-Star Management) that the gas company was to blame. The gas company however informed us that the heat was intentionally turned off as the landlord is currently being sued by them for unpaid bills. Our lease clearly states that heat is included in our rent.
    We are planning to move ASAP. Please be warned--never enter dealings with All-Star Management. This has been a nightmare.
  • still cold! Archived
    1535 Taylor Ave. Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    this has gone on just way too long, it is still cold , and the tenants are begining to show frustration. There is only so much we can do as tenants in a building that has been neglected. There needs to be a law setting a landlord responsable , its a shame that the tenants who pay their rent, should be spending $$ on space heaters, gas from their ovens & stoves to heat water . This is not the 1920, 30's or even 70's , it's 2011 and this city cannot hold a landlord accountable for providing the heat, hot water ,safe & clean apts and halls. This is beyond neglectiful it is criminal. There is a real chance of a dangerious sitituation here. MILBANK REAL ESTATE is to blame . Please help the tenants from the youngest to the oldest to sleep in a warm apt & wake to hot water to wash for school, work, doc. apts ,ect. .
  • 583 Riverside Drive - Hamilton Heights
    There has been not hot water supply since 2/10/10. We have complained to NYC 311 line (Complaint# 5497785) but nothing has been resolved. There are 70 families w/ children between the ages of 1-19 in this building and proper handling of this issues should be given, but it seems that all complains has been ignored. I had call 311 today 2/16/11 but unable to give me a positive answer that Case still open.
  • 2263 Morris Ave Bronx, NY 10453, USA - Tremont
    for the past SEVERAL WINTERS there have been no heat! Several tenants have as well complained. 311 has been called & bldg management. There are young children living in this bldg and suffering from no heat. I have my 10yr old son w/me & he shouldn't need to dress in his sweats and winter clothing while going to bed. We need help ASAP!!!