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  • 1472 Beach Ave Bronx, NY 10460, USA - Parkchester
    I might as well just leave this report up. our heat and hot water go out weekly now, hpd is no help. public advocate is no help. the news is no help.
  • 4121 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY - Sunset Park
    Our building has had no heat for 5 days. The landlord has had a series of so-called professionals come, look, and do nothing. The problem has actually gotten worse since the last person came. This is the second time this month we have had this issue.
  • 510 80th Street Brooklyn, NY - Bay Ridge
    It is 16 degrees outside and I have no heat tonight in this building. The radiator is as cold as my refrigerator. I am all wrapped in blankets and wasting my money trying to stay warm with an electric heater, since these apartments are so drafty. I can't sleep I am so cold. This is not an uncommon occurance. The heat is almost always turned off at night, even when the temperature outside is below 40 degrees.
  • 510 80th St Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Bay Ridge
    No heat has been provided at all since the weather has started getting cooler. The landlord owns the restaurant, Mussels and More, on the ground floor. He keeps it immaculate. Meanwhile, the tenants inside the upper apartments are left freezing and living in apartments that are drafty, falling apart and leaking every time it rains. No attention is ever given to the comfort of the tenants.
  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    well all that warmth was too good to believe because here at 1535 Taylor ave we are having another round of cold. this is just beyond freezing. at this hour 6:21am i have an electric heater , and 3 pots of boiling water with the stove on also and it is hardly warming the apt. This is just beyond negletful this landlord MILBANK REAL ESTATE should have any rights to ownership stripped from the books, unless of course this landlord would like to live in the same filth , and freezing conditions we at1535 Taylor ave have been dealing with. The tenents need to have a city official come visit and see the bad conditions the children,sick,elderlly,and all of the other people of 1535 Taylor ave. the side of the building is 6ft. of garbage and debree, the halls have not been washed, or swept. there has been eggs thrown at the supers door 3 months ago, it still remains on the door. We ,the tenants ,of 1535 Taylor ave, need real HELP, not a BANDAID; we are suffering.The ice is hitting the windows and we are freezing . MILBANK REAL ESTATE needs to step aside and let the ,bank, city or some other intrested party, take tthe responsibility and get the oil, and the other important things that keep a building running smothlly. please help the tenants of 1535 Taylor ave to step into a clean ,safe, respectiable buoilding the provides heat and hot water to its tenants. HELP
  • 62-65 Saunders St Queens, NY 11374, USA - Rego Park
    This apartment has little to no heat. Sometimes even when temperature gets below the lawful mark, there's still no heat. I've called 311 couple of times but no action was taken.
    Even spoken to the management of the building but nothing was done. Many old folks live in this building and this is a terrible condition for them. Pls help.
  • No Heat Open
    1070 East New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11212 - Ridgewood
    No Heat
  • NO HEAT Archived
    35-15 75th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA - City Council District 25
    No HEAT since last night!!!
  • 338 E 61st St New York, NY 10065, USA - City Council District 5
    Today is the 3 day this week with no heat and no hot water. Usually goes out on a friday - earliest someone from city will come inspect is Tuesday afternoon due to weekend. Many weekends without heat and hot water - landlord may fix by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning in time for city inspectors arrival.
  • 1880 Watson Ave Bronx, NY 10472, USA - Soundview
    building lacks heat and hot water since 7 am
  • No Heat Open
    211 S 3rd St New York, NY 11211 - Williamsburg

    I hope you can be of help. I would like to file a formal complaint against my landlord, who has historically neglected to provide heat (to at least 68 degrees F when appropriate and indicated by nyc gov regs) and hot water for my apartment. I am hoping to reach a critical mas of unhappy tenants that want to vocalize the problem.

    The current problem -- for the last month we have had unreliable heat and hot water and 2 weekends ago we were told the boiler was broken and were left with out either for 4 days. In general, hot water and heat is usually made available in the morning, but ends at about 9:30 and then continues later in the afternoon (I know this because I can usually do dishes around 5PM).

    The ongoing issue: In terms of heat, I believe the heat is turned on in the evening so there is some during the night (still not 68 degrees) but all afternoon there is no heat. If all tenants were gone all day, I could understand this heat/hot water pattern, but there is no reason to assume that we are all gone and heat and hot water need only be provided on some kind of schedule that we have had no input on.

    After enduring these ongoing, sporadic heat and hot water issues ALL last winter, I have learned as tenants that we have rights to heat and hot water and want to make the best effort to ensure this does not happen again. Although I was told heat and hot water is provided, and always pay my rent on time, I have found myself an unfortunate victim of my landlord's neglect. It is rough being sick in the winter with no heat and this year I am pregnant so much more concerned.... I don't know why this is happening or what we can do. My husband called and were yelled at and accused of being liars. Please help!

  • 1535 Taylor Ave bronx, new york - Parkchester
    MILBANK REAL ESTATE has left the building, 1535 taylor ave , in worst shape. now in forclouser we are left here cold and with a boiler that is not working. George the ,super2122035706, is hardlly the boilermaker . it is time that something is done . the garbage piles up , the windows are broken, the halls are never cleaned, there isn't any inforser to see that the super does the job of an super. this has gone on too long and last year wasn't any different. why then should the tenants pay rent if there services are not met,re;hot water,heat, clean&safe halls, windows fixed. there is a city playground and a school ,ps102, accross the street, it should be a safe zone ,it is not. where is Mayor Bloomberg with all the rederick of how our streets and children are safe . these children can hardlly get up and out for school ,clean and warm . this is a blight on New York City, Where are those city officales we voted into office , they are not helping this sitituation, i bet they wake to heat and hot water, feel safe to walk out the door. WE NEED HELP NOW. MILBANK REAL ESTATE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.