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  • 2785 Sedgwick Ave bronx, NY - Kings Bridge
    Tenants at 2785 Sedgwick ave no not receive adequate heat, heat goes on twice a day 5am for about 2 hours then again at 6pm for about an hour or so, also we have been out of an elevator for a month now.
  • 88-22 Parsons Blvd my Apt. Basement Jamaica, NY 11432 (37 apts bldg) - Ridgewood
    We need and ask you to do pronto solution to our problem in our building 37 apts, families with eldery people and kids, No heat and hot water after 11PM until 6AM, every single night 7 days a week.
    Please force the landlord to give us heat/hot water every night after 11pm, thank you for you cooperation.
  • 338 E 61st St New York, NY 10065, USA - City Council District 5
    Today is the 3 day this week with no heat and no hot water. Usually goes out on a friday - earliest someone from city will come inspect is Tuesday afternoon due to weekend. Many weekends without heat and hot water - landlord may fix by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning in time for city inspectors arrival.
  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    well all that warmth was too good to believe because here at 1535 Taylor ave we are having another round of cold. this is just beyond freezing. at this hour 6:21am i have an electric heater , and 3 pots of boiling water with the stove on also and it is hardly warming the apt. This is just beyond negletful this landlord MILBANK REAL ESTATE should have any rights to ownership stripped from the books, unless of course this landlord would like to live in the same filth , and freezing conditions we at1535 Taylor ave have been dealing with. The tenents need to have a city official come visit and see the bad conditions the children,sick,elderlly,and all of the other people of 1535 Taylor ave. the side of the building is 6ft. of garbage and debree, the halls have not been washed, or swept. there has been eggs thrown at the supers door 3 months ago, it still remains on the door. We ,the tenants ,of 1535 Taylor ave, need real HELP, not a BANDAID; we are suffering.The ice is hitting the windows and we are freezing . MILBANK REAL ESTATE needs to step aside and let the ,bank, city or some other intrested party, take tthe responsibility and get the oil, and the other important things that keep a building running smothlly. please help the tenants of 1535 Taylor ave to step into a clean ,safe, respectiable buoilding the provides heat and hot water to its tenants. HELP
  • 69-1 62nd St Queens, NY 11385, USA - Ridgewood
    this is an apartment building, we are people with serious health conditions, there are , also families with small children, there is very little heat inside, we need to use electrical heaters, we will have to pay enormous electricity bills we cant afford. we were given some explanations by the super that he will need to check the radiators, but its been a long time, nothing was done, and the temperatures outside are really dropping
    thank you
  • 1880 Watson Ave Bronx, NY 10472, USA - Soundview
    building lacks heat and hot water since 7 am
  • 3661 Marolla Pl Bronx, NY 10466, USA - Eastchester
    NO heat and three sick children reside here.Manager of the household claims she cant do nothing else.She done the best she can by bringing someone to look at the boiler.She doesnt want to bother herself to much ,but take the responsibilty to get the rent with a smile.
  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester
    Well the heat came and went just as fast. There was another cold evening/morning here at 1535 Taylor ave. It was cold last evening so we slept with an electric heater . No hot water this morning so the oven goes on and the stove to warm the water. These LANDLORDS must be stopped. I can't understand how the L.L. ,[MILBANK REAL ESTATE], does not go to jail. This is like holding the tenants hostage in a cave. The broken windows are still broken ,the heat/hot water is ,like last year , all but moot . What and how do tenants , get the services that come with the signing of a liese? The LANDLORDS prey on the poor,young,sick and elderlly. This problem needs the Maylor of NYC to get involved. HELP
  • 273 Lee Ave Brooklyn new york11206, new york - Williamsburg
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 651 West 188th Street New York, NY - Fordham
    There are many mornings there is no hot water in the bathtub, but there is hot water in the kitchen. The hot water comes and goes, and the supt. smiles and says nothing can be done. The landlord ignores my messages. I've called 311, they do nothing.
  • 714 Sackett St New York, NY 11217 - Park Slope
    No Heat or hot water
  • 1472 Beach Ave Bronx, NY 10460, USA - Parkchester
    landlord yet again has us in the cold and in the dark this time with no lights to our hallways.
    jeff crumpton 9146378610
    super/peter 9172919837