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  • 1828 Oberlin Ave Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Please fix Oberlin Ave. already! I am so tired of dodging potholes EVERY DAY, and this road has destroyed my suspension. I am on my 3rd set of upper ball joints, and my 2nd set of low ball joints.... all because of this road! I live in Amherst, and our roads are NOTHING like the garbage roads in Lorain that take years to fix. Stop the patch jobs and fix it already, corrupt Lorain Gov't!!!!!!!!!
  • 2205-2209 E 31st St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    The East bound lane of E.31st between Grove and Palm is terrible. There are many potholes.
  • F St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    1200 to 1400 block of F Street
  • 4174 Pearl Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain

    It's sad to say in my 48 years of life, Pearl Ave. is BY FAR the WORST road I have ever seen. And I've lived in Detroit and St. Louis! There are potholes you can literally put a 55 gallon drum halfway down into. I haven't driven down this road in years and just did yesterday, and as mentioned, it's absolutely and totally uncalled for.

    There are so many holes that I had to slow to a crawl so my 6 month old car didn't come off the road needing a $2000 repair. Why are we even paying taxes in Lorain? For what? Something needs be to done about this RIGHT NOW. I am actually going back today to take pictures, and they WILL be sent in to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and other big news outlets. This is wrong and something will (not should) be done about it.

  • 4210 Norfolk Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    This street could be used for testing off-road vehicles( drive slowly , you don't want to trash your truck !!) Please someone at City Hall come see this street , it is TERRIBLE !!
  • 4211-4215 Palm Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    patchs on patchs is not working...pave this street please!!!!
  • 3217 Oberlin Ave Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Someone really needs to update the traffic pattern before someone gets hurt! I don't think anyone looks at the traffic sign that says MERGE TO THE LEFT! Everyone that we are next to beeps their horn at us like we are doing something wrong! They need to make the right hand lane a right turn only, the middle lane straight only, and the left hand lane left turn only!
  • 301 W 34th St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    This road is ridiculous, as many are in Lorain. west 34 st. between Broadway and Falbo ave. The road needs to be totally re paved and no more patching, the road is heavily used by police,fire, ambulance and many Lorain residence as it is a main route from Broadway to Oberlin ave.
    Lorain fix our roads!!!!! or pay our car repairs,
  • 1944 E 41st St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    Please fix this location. This road has not been repaired in over 30 + years.
  • 1933 E 30th St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    the street has so many uneven spots it is destroying the cars that must travel on it. bumps, lumps, holes, gravel
  • 1512 Tower Blvd - Lorain
    MULTIPOT HOLES FROM 1510 TO 1514 TOWER BLVD RESULTING IN TOO MANY CAR REPAIRS! After flood of tower 2 weeks ago holes are getting worse!
  • 3316 Garfield Blvd Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    There are many large, deep cracks and holes on both sides of Garfield from Day Dr. to Root Rd.