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  • Intersection Of Howard Street / St.Paul St. / South Winooski Ave. Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This intersection is a route to school (Edmunds) for kids in the Five Sisters neighborhood and other South End neighborhoods. This is a complicated, 5-way intersection with no Walk /Don't Walk signals. Would like to see pedestrian improvements or a crossing guard assigned.
  • Traffic Calming Acknowledged
    Burlington VT - Burlington Electric
    What is the process for requesting a crosswalk? The confluence of Great Northern, Zero Gravity, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Pizza 41 at the intersection of Pine and Birchcliff is creating a hazard for both pedestrians and drivers. A flashing traffic beacon is necessary to prevent an inevitable accident. Thank you.
  • 406 Colchester Avenue Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric

    A new bike lane was painted on Colchester Ave going up the hill from the bridge. The lane is on the outside of the parking until near the top where it transition to next to the curb. In this "transition area" the signage indicates it is fine to park in the bike lane. Please move the No Parking sign down the hill to the start of the bike lane transition so cars are not parked in the lane.

    Video of issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeMfG9BY11U&feature=youtu.be

  • North Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    day after day, night after night, every day, bicyclist traveling the WRONG way down this one way state highway!.. last night at 11pm 2 cyclists, wrong way, dressed in black, no lighting, staring at their pocket devices (phones). sooner or later someone is going to get severely injured, let it be known this issue has been reported several times to the city. it is NOT the drivers fault, yet that is whom will have to pay and pick up the mess of an injured cyclist. Burlington's administration loves to test bike routes even failed ones, and it fails to uphold the laws on the books.
  • 307-311 Colchester Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I think "sharrows" would be a help on Colchester Ave from where the bike lane ends in front of the hospital all the way to the Winooski Bridge. A bike rider gets dumped into two lanes of traffic when the bike lane ends and needs to take the lane to keep going straight to Winooski. Once through the India House/East Ave intersection there are parked cars on the side (rider at risk of getting doored) and the street is very tight especially with all the bus traffic. A bike rider can easily maintain traffic speed on this busy road since it is downhill. If a rider leaves enough space to the car in front of them to be safe cars tend to "think" they are faster then a bike and accelerate up to 40, cross over the center line and then whip back in front of the biker and slam on their brakes even when a rider has taken the lane. There are "bikes may use full lane" signs along here but there is a lot of space between them and they tend to be ignored since they can be way off to the side behind parked cars. Getting some bike stencils every couple hundred feet down this section would help tremendously to give the driver visual cues that the bikers are allowed to be there since the sharrows will be directly in the drivers view. What can be done to make this happen? Seems like a quick, cheap and easy improvement for the time being. I have seen a huge increase in bike commuters on this section of road and also a huge increase of unsafe passes.
  • 716-722 Pine Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    It would be great to have a crosswalk between Queen City Brewery and the South End Kitchen/Zero Gravity complex.
  • South Willard Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I think it's time solve the Willard Street bicycle problem. Sharrows, better signage, a dedicated bike lane; something needs to happen before someone gets hurt.
  • 62-64 Buell St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Historic porch was removed and replaced with pressure treat straight stock. I don't think there was a proper zoning permit pulled for this. Sticks out and ruined the historic integrity of the building. There was also so obvious window replacement done with out permits also ruing any historic value this building had to the street. Could this issued be please be addressed.
  • 501 Pine Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    Parking has been disallowed on Pine St between Locust St and Howard street for half a year now and the world has kept turning just fine.

    Now that Pine St is (mostly) paved edge to edge we see lots of folks cycling in the barreled off area indicating the pent up demand for cycling infrastructure here. Please consider making this stretch permanently a No Parking zone allowing the existing northbound bike lane on lower Pine St to be extended all the way to Howard St.

  • 380 North Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The contractor for long line painting has mis-marked the guides on North Ave. They have placed them on the old scrubbed out line, rather than measuring the current outer buffer line from the center line as was done the last painting cycle.
  • 603 Riverside Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The Riverside multi-use path essentially stops at the traffic light leaving the Community Health Center parking lot. When bicycling and trying to get from the Riverside multi-use path to North Winooski Ave heading downtown, you either have to use the walk signal or enter the road and take a left from Riverside onto North Winooski in the road, which can be quite difficult with intolerant car drivers not letting you over. It'd be helpful for the traffic light leaving CHC to be sensitive enough for bikes to earn the green light to leave the CHC lot and go straight across onto North Winooski Ave. Right now it doesn't trigger for just bikes and I've sat for multiple light cycles waiting for it.
  • 145-163 College Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Why is a waffle vendor truck allowed to sit right on the grass and tree roots of City Hall Park behind the Irish pub and almost touching a tree?! This is a public park where we treasure our green space and don't want to see it damaged by a vehicle!