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  • 93 South Winooski Avenue Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    An smelly eyesore on a nice clean city. This reflects poorly on all of us. Clean the parking lot stairs.
  • 380 North Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The contractor for long line painting has mis-marked the guides on North Ave. They have placed them on the old scrubbed out line, rather than measuring the current outer buffer line from the center line as was done the last painting cycle.
  • 351-455 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The makeshift driveway at the Burlington College site has broken the sidewalk and bike lane.
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    486-518 North Ave Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    Despite being many days out from storms essentially none of the bikelanes citywide are a safe usable width presently, and frankly have not been since 1/20/2019.

    The general purpose lanes and sidewalks in these sections have be well cleared, but once again folks riding bikes have been left to fend for themselves.

    Please prioritize getting the bike lanes cleared out so folks can actually use them. Thanks.

  • 145-163 College Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Why is a waffle vendor truck allowed to sit right on the grass and tree roots of City Hall Park behind the Irish pub and almost touching a tree?! This is a public park where we treasure our green space and don't want to see it damaged by a vehicle!
  • 603 Riverside Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The Riverside multi-use path essentially stops at the traffic light leaving the Community Health Center parking lot. When bicycling and trying to get from the Riverside multi-use path to North Winooski Ave heading downtown, you either have to use the walk signal or enter the road and take a left from Riverside onto North Winooski in the road, which can be quite difficult with intolerant car drivers not letting you over. It'd be helpful for the traffic light leaving CHC to be sensitive enough for bikes to earn the green light to leave the CHC lot and go straight across onto North Winooski Ave. Right now it doesn't trigger for just bikes and I've sat for multiple light cycles waiting for it.
  • 527 S Union St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    There is very poor visibility as a pedestrian crossing S Union Street to southbound traffic, especially as the street curves behind the parked cars. This would be a good candidate for curb extension and/or restricted parking.
  • 154-140 East Ave Burlington Vermont - Chittenden County
    Numerous hazardous areas w/ significant ponding and freezing, and trip hazards. Most of these are between 166East Ave and Bilodeau Ct, but there are one or more across from the hospital entrance on East Ave. The picture I posted is typical of a half dozen mini lakes. When frozen, they're not quite large enough to play hockey, but close. ;_))
  • 365 Us-2 Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Reported frequent blocking of the pedestrian/bicycle pathway with registered motor vehicles would benefit from an engineered solution, please. It has been suggest that temporary "armadillo" placement would effect a low-cost, immediate solution. I suggest that extending a few strategically-placed bollards as installed on the other side of this business's drive would provide a lasting solution. Thanks!
  • Pothole Archived
    277 North Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    DPW did an excellent job patching the south side of North Street between Winooski and Union last year. Unfortunately, the patch has worn off and the street is completely uneven.

    There is also massive water collection here when it rains that people drive through and splash the house and whoever is on the sidewalk at the time.

    Please consider patching this block again in the short term and adding it to a regrading list for long term. Thanks!

  • South Willard Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Though the new rainbow crosswalk may look great, I believe that it violates the MUTCD rules concerning what colors can be used in road markings. See section 3A.04.
    Also, is the paint retroreflective to be visible during the night?
    Oh and section 3B.17 of the MUTCD states that when crosswalk lines are used, they shall consist of solid white lines that mark the crosswalk.
    I'm not sure why this wasn't checked before we made this into such a public spectacle. The idea is great but the laws are the laws, especially on a state highway, I would think.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    99 Billings Court Burlington, VT 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Sunken sidewalk has turned into a swamp. Serious drainage issue that has gone unaddressed for years.