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Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 101–299 Queen City Park Rd Burlington 05403, United States - Burlington Electric
    There are numerous car damaging potholes along north side of Queen City Park Rd west of the one lane bridge. There are huge puddles that will become ice in the middle of the road where 2 layers of paving are missing.
    Please fix these ASAP, before 2020 would be great. Thank you.
  • 25 Joy Dr South Burlington 05403, United States - South Burlington
  • Fox Sighted Archived
    Laurel Hill Dr South Burlington, VT - South Burlington

    By Clem Looby, Laurel Hill Dr, loobyclem@hotmail.com
    Sun, 06 December 2009

    Hi, I saw a fox about 11AM sunday in my back yard. We are located near Laurel Hill
    and Tanglewood. It was heading towards the back woods. There are many places for
    a den in the woods. The fox may be ill as it had bare spots on its back. I notified the
    police of its presence.

  • 12 - 18 Sleepy Hollow Road Essex, Vermont - Essex
    Between 12 and 18 Sleepy Hollow Road the ditch has filled in quite a bit over the winter and the driveway culverts are 1/2 full. Not any imminent danger but the ditch will need some attention this summer.
  • 44 Deerfield Rd South Burlington, VT 05403 - South Burlington
    The path signs are defaced at the entrance to the rec path off Deerfield Rd
  • Stonehedge Dr South Burlington, VT - South Burlington
    Check here for updates.
  • 488 Old Cross Rd South Burlington, VT 05403 - South Burlington
    If a ditch were dug on the west side of the path where it turns and the runoff were directed to the culvert under the path -- from north and south of the culvert, the flooding would not occur.
  • 47 Maple Street Burlington, VT 05401 - Burlington Electric
    Future Home
  • 30 Queensbury Rd SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vermont - South Burlington
    the street light between # 28/30 & 32/34 has been out for a couple of weeks.
  • Airport Drive South Burlington, Vermont - Burlington International Airport
    Walk light facing north is not working properly - no flashing
  • 1000 Shelburne Rd South Burlington 05403, United States - South Burlington
    During rush hour this light does not allow drivers to turn left from Shelburne rd onto Laurel hill at a pace that is adequate for traffic. It allows several rotations for other directions but not the left turn. It results in blocked traffic and drivers trying to cut through the bagel market parking lot.
  • Other Open
    4 Nahma Ave Essex Junction VT 05452, United States - Essex Junction
    Road/Stormwater Drainage Issue