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  • 208 Flynn Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I am adding my complaint that this event was allowed to happen in this neighborhood. There were over 300 people with loud cars, burnouts, smoke, loud noise and driving up and down Flynn at speeds of more than 50 mph. They were serving food and liquor with no security. thank you to BPD for shutting it down.
  • 1-13 Pitkin St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    These signs are up year round on all of the Bissonette properties. Does he have a permit for this? They are ugly and give a transient feel to the neighborhoods they're in.
  • 32 Rose St Burlington VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    A resident of 32 rose street has been setting up a sidewalk sale every single day - weekday and weekend - right on the sidewalk from about 11am to 5pm every day. I can understand a single yard sale or sidewalk sale every now and then, but it appears to be his daytime business. If something is this frequent I would think it would need to be permitted. It is the source and site of many loud conversations, and may feel intimidating to neighbors and pedestrians. personally i find it unsettling and at times disruptive (he has had some loud swearing discussions). can someone please check in on what is going on and decide if it is permissible?
  • 351-455 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Across from 432.
  • 107 Us-7 Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    There is a crosswalk, but pedestrians never seem to have the right-of-way and there isn't an electric walk signal. This creates a very dangerous situation as you basically always have to jaywalk across the crosswalk. Please give a gap between greenlights so that pedestrians can cross and give us a signal.
  • Ethan Allen Homestead Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The wooden arch bridge spanning VT 127 links Ethan Allen Homestead to the neighborhoods and Ethan Allen Park on the other side. It has been blocked off with chainlink fence and not maintained for several years. From what I have read, over $250,000 was spent to build this structure in the 1980's. Considering it's aesthetic and actual value, it should be maintained.
  • 56 South Union Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Can DPW please street sweep South Union from Main to Buell. The street is in bad shape from all the rain. The photo only shows a fraction of the issue.
  • Cycling enforcement Acknowledged
    North Ave Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Wrong way cyclist on North Ave. Witnessed a car attempting to turn left on North Ave slam on their brakes and almost get rear ended due to a cyclist traveling the wrong way. Both traveling North. Why cant anything be done?
  • Curtis Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    How does someone go about having DPW inspect sidewalks and try to get sidewalk repairs added to the City's schedule?
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    05401 Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric

    Days after the storm many bike lanes in the city remain unsafe and/or unridable. Please plow down to the asphalt and over to the curb before this build up becomes intractable ice sheets like last year...

    People will ride their bikes in the winter, but not if the infrastructure is not maintained...

  • North Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I counted 7 bicycles ( and 2 skateboarders) in 15 minutes going the wrong way down this one-way street, through the stop light at North and cutting off cars. If the city is going to spend tax money painting direction of travel arrows on these lanes, then they should be enforced. Calling the police doesn't work, and I have not heard of pro-active enforcement for bicycle violations ever in this city.
  • 314 Pine St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Below grade drain gate takes up most of the bike lane and is a spill hazard. Please smooth this out so it poses less risk.