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  • 1093 East Hill Rd Richmond , Vermont - Chittenden County
    There is a sink hole starting in the middle of the road by house number 1093. The hole is small in diameter but 3-4 feet deep.
  • 48 Roseade Pkwy Burlington VT 05408, United States - Burlington Electric
    Yesterday June 18, 2020 during the sweeping off the streets, city truck (while sweeping) damaged part of the street in front of my driveway. The address is 48 Roseade Parkway.
  • 70-96 Starr Farm Road Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Can DPW please redo the work recently done to two manhole covers on Starr Farm Rd.? The manhole covers were set a few inches below grade and to avoid them drivers do not stay on their side of the street. Please address.
  • 2-36 Plattsburg Avenue Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Potholes in the far right llane heading south. Please address
  • Milham Court/Williston Road South Burlington, Vermont - South Burlington
    Second time to report this issue. Large weeds growing up the side of Williston Road, Milham Court. A call was made to Public Works a week ago and the weeds are now growing evening taller. It's hard to get out of Milham Court and it's a traffic hazard. You basically need to crawl out halfway into Williston Road to see down towards Ace Hardware. I noticed all the way down Williston Road the roadside grass is cut low. I hope the weeds on the corner and down near the telephone pole can be cut down. If it's not cut down by Wed., I will post a photo.
  • Sandhill Road Essex, Vermont - Essex
    Stretch of sidewalk by All About Hair salon on route 15 has tall overgrowth that makes it challenging now to ride a bike through, and soon to walk through. Needs to be trimmed back or cleared out. Thank you
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway Richmond, VT - Chittenden County
    Dead deer on side of road southbound
  • 79 Hyde St Burlington VT 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Car booster seat and baby toy in greenbelt
  • Stonehedge Dr South Burlington, VT - South Burlington
    Check here for updates.
  • 208 Flynn Avenue Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Duplicate of issue allow for interested party to receive email updates concerning this process
  • 68 Sears Ln Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Trash on side of road. Been there all winter. Sears ln.
  • N. Winooski Ave Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric
    The white bike lane markings along N. Winooski Ave. have all but disappeared and need to be repainted. I'm finding that cares are often driving right down the middle of the bike lane because they don't realize it is there. If any BTV city streets employees are monitoring this site, please get these lines repainted. Tons of locals and students use this street every day - all year long!
    Thank you,