Washington Heights - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  • 2209 N 49th St Milwaukee, WI 53208, USA - Washington Heights
    house has holes in roof,took pics to the city,house has raze order but city wont do anything .house has been empty,siding striped,broken windows.
    just look up this address and you will read everything and you decide if the city is lying on public records.
  • 2201-2299 N 60th St Wauwatosa, WI 53208, USA - Wauwatosa
    The street is terrible and even worse its small. I've driven many times and due to random cracks and potholes in this street have almost jerked into oncoming traffick. Honestly, whats the point of having a road if you can't even drive safley down it.
  • 5314 W Vine Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Washington Heights
    2 street lights out on corner of Vine/54th street. 1 on intersection corner and one on 54th mid berm at intersection.
  • 2063 N 47th St Milwaukee, WI 53208 - Washington Heights
    A young man chased a young woman across Lloyd St. during morning rush hour traffic. As cars served to avoid the couple, he flashed gang signs at motorists and she walked away.
  • 1859 N 48th St Milwaukee, WI - Washington Heights

    New tenant parks on the west side of the 48th street when parking is not allowed on this side of the street.

    Did not respond to friendly reminder that parking is not allowed there.