SOAR (Streeterville Organization of Active Residents)

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SOAR’s mission is to work on behalf of Streeterville residents by preserving, promoting, and enhancing the quality of life and community in Streeterville.

Notified About

  • 401 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    The graffiti is located on the outer side of the southern wall that's around the land that will become DuSable Park.
  • Ohio Street And Mcclurg Ct Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 42
    Street lights have been out for over a week. Time to get this fixed. Not safe.
  • 325-339 E North Water St Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Middle of street
  • 435-455 E Illinois St Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 42
    After the street was refinished, the pedestrian crossing markings and the lane lines were never completed.
  • Plaza 440 Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    On 4th black light pole east from Wabash On elevated walkway 3 places on west and north sides of pole
  • N Lake Shore Dr & Us-41 & E Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Graffiti is in Jane Adams Park. Actually it is on the Lakeshore Park walkway. Just immediately north of the Ohio Street underpass on the wall if you look to your right as you enter the underpass it is actually on the outside wall of the freeway.
  • Lower North Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Please CHANGE the GREEN COLOR of the "Navy Pier Parking Spaces Available" sign to WHITE. Drivers heading southbound downward off ramp from LSD run the Red light at the Grand Avenue intersection causing accidents to those driving West on Grand Avenue. Over 20 accidents during 2016, multiple criticals, Level 1 EMS. Please contact me for more information. David Nayak
  • Tree Debris Archived
    319 E Illinois St Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Trees need trimming. You can see in the pictures that trees are hanging down below face level. And people are breaking branches. Two trees need trimming and the tween new Street and Park Street. On south side of East Illinois.
  • 401 N Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Graffiti is on Lakeshore Drive bridge. East walkway. Nearly every post has been tagged. Even the post in the middle of the street between the north and southbound lanes have been tagged.
  • 272-328 N Columbus Dr Chicago, IL 60601, USA - Loop
    Graffiti is on Columbus Drive bridge handrail. West side of bridge. Various locations on the bridge over the river. Graffiti and stickers.
  • 200 E Ohio St Chicago, IL 60611, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Graffiti is on the south east corner of Ohio and St. Clair. If you stand on the corner and face east you will see it on the corner light pole. There is a sign for soldier Field which is bent and covered with graffiti and stickers. Since the sign is no longer functional it might be best just to remove it. Also there is an outdated missing person poster.
  • Ontario & Wabash Chicago, IL 69611 - Chicago Ward 42
    Stickers on bus stop sign hiding all important information. The company (Escape Game Chicago)should be fined for all the stickers they’ve put up on city property in the area.