Newbold Neighbor

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Watching issues created after: 2012-04-26

This watch area is for the section of Newbold from 16th to 20th and Washington to Wharton. Let's report important issues and see what can be improved.


  • Fixed Acknowledged
    1917 Manton St Philadelphia, PA - Point Breeze
    The issue was fixed
  • 1865 1899 Ellsworth St Philadelphia, PA - Point Breeze
    Chew Park, a part of the Philadelphia Department of Recreation and supported by taxpayers, took down any signs to leash and clean up after your dog and posted a banner that reads "no dogs allowed". There are no current laws by the City of Philadelphia or the Dept. of Recreation banning dogs from using the Recreation areas as long at the leash 5 ft. or shorter and all waste is cleaned up. Is this legal?
  • 1226 S 18th St Philadelphia, PA - Point Breeze
    The NW corner of 18th and Latona, structure is in danger of falling apart. Parts of the front roof are dangling and WILL fall onto 18th street. Rear part of roof collapsing into rear bedroom. Windows have been open for over a year. This situation is dangerous and needs to be addressed.
  • 1219 S 18th St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Causing deflated tires and uneven pavement. Please fix ASAP!!!!
  • Graffiti Archived
    1702 Alter St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Extensive graffiti behind family dollar store - makes
    the neighborhood trashy!! Please fix!!
  • 1722 Annin Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This property was being cleaned out on Wednesday early am, around 12am. I saw one of the men in the property as a man who previously identified himself to me as the property owner that placed the home for rent. At around 8:00am Wednesday I saw about 12 large garbage bags filled and left on the sidewalk near the curb, as well as two boxes. On Thursday morning I reported this to 311, I saw they sent someone from the sanitation dept. out and spoke with them about this. Just this am around 12:30am on Friday the garbage bags have been torn apart leaving garbage all over the properties. Please help so the owner cleans this up.
  • 1800 Federal Street Philadelphia, PA - Point Breeze

    Offender: Registrant:

    Lawrence Ferriola Jr


    Promotes bandit signs and likes to buy out poor folks in need for very little to flip and sell back.


    Samlaw Properties LLC

    Philadelphia, PA 19148
    United States

    Telephone: 215-550-9000
    Fax: 484-334-8087
    Website: Sam Buys Houses | We Buy Houses!

    Mailing address:
    Sam Buys Houses

    P.O. Box 2087
    Aston, PA 19014

    Lawrence J Ferriola
    1028 Clemens Ct, Bensalem, PA 19020
    Lawrence J Ferriola
    1514 Point Dr, Bensalem, PA 19020


    Lawrence J Ferriola
    Lawrence F Ferriola
    Larry J Ferriola
    Lawrence J Ferrioli
    Laurence Ferriela
    Larry Ferrioila

    ANDALUSIA PA 19020

    BROOMALL PA 19008

    Scumbag sued a cab comany in 1993 and won.

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    Donna E Ferriola
    Anita Marie Ferriola
    Nicole G Carrasquillo
    Donna Marie Brosh

    Do not put up bandit signs in Newbold, we will find you and call you OUT! It isn't over.

  • 1148 S Cleveland St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Point Breeze
    Lumber, a wheelbarrow and all kinds of trash have been dumped in the empty lot at 1148 s. Cleveland st. Lumber appears to be leftover from construction project at 1141 s. Cleveland.
  • Bad Smells Acknowledged
    1811 Titan St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Point Breeze
    The are bad smells coming out of 1811 Titan Street.
  • Trash dump Archived
    1634 Federal St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    7-8 large black trash bags dumped in empty lot + large container of oil
  • 1724 Annin Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This abandoned house is one of the eyesores of the block. It is abandoned, nobody is living inside the house. The front windows are broken leaving the house exposed and cats are living inside the house. This must be a violation of some sort, it should be boarded up!
  • 1700 Alter Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood