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  • 5261-5299 Lomas Boulevard Northeast Albuquerque, NM - Pueblo Alto
    I have driven Lomas for many years and the westbound traffic from a green light at San Mateo has been clear through the light at Monroe. However, since about a month ago, something has changed in the timing. When the traffic starts from a green light at San Mateo we are now hitting a red light at Monroe, causing all the traffic that just started to stop again. This does not appear to be a coincidence. It happens at noon and at 5pm. Please change it back to keep traffic flowing. Thank you.
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    102 Richmond Drive Northeast Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA - Nob Hill
    Recurring trash problem needs to be addressed.
  • San Mateo & Lomas Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - Fair Heights
    Vehicles traveling eastbound on Lomas from San Mateo Blvd NE in the #1 lane crossing into Lane #2 causing numerous near-misses due to the misalignment of the lanes through the intersection. Puppy tracks or lines across the intersection might help drivers figure out which lane is theirs.
  • 1418 Carlisle Boulevard Northeast Albuquerque, NM - Altura
    I reported this many, many months ago, that the paving project that was done on Carlisle resulted in serious failure of the manhole and valve concrete rings in the intersection with Constitution. This was very clearly a paving issue, yet the report kept being sent to ABCWUA, which, by the way never responds to SeeClickFix. At the time I originally posted this, it was probably still in warranty, which by this time is probably way past the point of having the contractor making repairs. It is getting really dangerous. I really hope someone takes responsibility to get this fixed. FYI, I finally talked with someone at ABCWUA on the phone and she promised to follow up by email with me and never did. Thank you.
  • 3301 Monte Vista Blvd Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - Nob Hill
    Large trash items are strewn about, (TV, furniture, etc, not visible in this photo). And there is carpet laid out in the front yard. Yes, carpet. Rotting carpet now covered in dirt and weeds.
  • Monte Vista Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM - Nob Hill
    Please add a sign to prohibit left turn from northbound Monte Vista to westbound Lomas. Please see images for suggestion. Thank you.
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    2021 Madeira Drive Northeast 87110 - Alvarado Park
    Harassment and noise complaint: The new resident renters at 2021 Madeira drive northeast are continually arriving home past 3am with 12-15 carloads of people, drinking, fighting, and openly doing drugs in the street, as well as throwing trash and liquor bottles in neighboring yards. Women are being verbally harassed by drug dealers in broad daylight and are literally afraid to take the recycling or trash out after dark now. Police have been called by several different neighbors but the residents at 2021 somehow know when police have been called and announce it before APD can arrive. People disperse, APD arrives to nothing and leave, then the party resumes once APD leaves. This is a quiet residential area with families and children being terrorized by thugs. The home owner is an absentee residing in Phoenix. She has also been called and doesn't seem to believe it or care. Her name is Irene Parker and she can be reached at 623-792-0819. Please help us!
  • 3705 Aspen A Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87110 - Altura
    There are 6 residents here that can share a bin. We were told 6 months ago that we were going to get a bin, then it changed to a cart, but no one has received anything. the truck used to pick up cardboard boxes filled with cleaned recyclables, now the recycling truck just drives by when we have our recyclables out. No one has called me back for the last two times I have called the office. I do not want to be a burden, but the only other option is to throw away all of the recyclables. It makes a big mess when we have three or four neighbors put out their recyclables and no one picks them up for weeks.
  • Corner Of Constitution And Calle Del Ranchero Ne Albuquerque, NM - Summit Park
    At the northwest corner of Constitution and Calle Del Ranchero NE there is a bush which obscures the traffic coming from the west.
  • 3698 Monte Vista Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM - Nob Hill
    The signal from northbound Monte Vista to northbound Carlisle (which is the same light to eastbound Lomas) is too short. During rush hour, particularly in the afternoon, there are cars backed up to Amherst. Typically only four cars get through before the light turns red, then another two to four run the red light. Please look into this. Thank you.
  • 816 Carlisle Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque
    I realize that the Right-of-Way may be tight along Carlisle to construct ADA drivepads, but why would the City make improvements that obviously do not meet ADA? The drivepads and sidewalks that have just been constructed on the east side of Carlisle between Lomas and Constitution do not appear to meet the slope requirements for ADA. Thank you.
  • 3663 3699 Monte Vista Blvd Ne Albuquerque, NM - Nob Hill
    I reported this several months ago and was told that it was fixed. I am not always at a signal by myself, so it is hard to test, but it is still not changing for a motorcycle in the center lane of Monte Vista onto eastbound Lomas. I am not on a little motorcycle. I have no problems at other signals.