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  • 333-351 W Chestnut Hill Rd Newark, DE 19713, USA - New Castle County
    pot hole located on left side of road near shoulder.
  • 1001 North Van Buren Street Wilmington, DE 19806, USA - Wilmington
    There is a man that hangs out in cool springs park all day every day that puts something heavy on a water fountain button EVERY DAY, to make the fountain run. This happens every day for hours on end. I cannot imagine how much water is wasted each day, probably a hundred gallons. Please help!! I am afraid to ask him to stop as he has some mental issues and gets into arguments with strangers regularly.
  • pot holes Archived
    3710 Evelyn Drive Wilmington De - New Castle County
    pot holes on the whole street of evelyn drive at duncan in dunlinden acres
  • 2000 Kentmere Parkway Wilmington, Delaware - Wilmington
    When is missing lamp post going to be replaced?
  • Sink hole Archived
    1229 Crestover Road Wilmington, Delaware - New Castle County
    There is a large sink hole at corner of Crestover rd and Fain rd. I put an orange cone out so no children fall into it. Concerned more dirt will cave in and someone will be seriously hurt
  • 1702-1798 Foulk Rd Wilmington, DE 19803, USA - New Castle County
  • 134 North Hunter Forge Road Newark, DE - New Castle County
    Open pot hole in the middle of the street near 134 n. hunter forge road,. The street sign, leading from Otts Chapel Rd into N. Hunter Forge Rd, was knocked down by a city/county truck 2 months ago. We desperately need the sign, asap. Thank You, Anvil Park Civic Association
  • 1106-1142 Foulk Rd Wilmington, DE 19803, USA - New Castle County
    Very large, deep and impossible to avoid due to being in the middle of the turn on to Shipley Rd
  • 89-99 W Delaware Ave Newark, DE 19711, USA - Newark
    When the concrete portion of the road stops on Elkton road and the pavement portion begins on Delaware Ave. there is a huge deep pot hole. I hit it the other day and I thought my wheel was going to pop!
  • 1800-1822 Delaware 9 New Castle, DE 19720, USA - New Castle
    from 295 - Old New Castle there are tons of pot holes some are small but most are big
  • 3212-3222 Meetinghouse Rd Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    As you driving down Meetinghouse Rd from De. right past Meetinghouse Apt. at the first house on the right past the apartments there is a large what seems to be sink hole about 3-4 FEET diameter, extremely dangerous
  • 901-909 Valley Rd Hockessin, DE 19707, USA - Hockessin
    Getting bigger and it is the whole lane