The Walkers

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Watching issues created after: 2009-12-14

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  • 811 Windsor Rd Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    Not sure if it's ditch maintenance or tree but the dead end of Windsor rd is overgrown by vines and stickers. Homeowners can not clear it. Too overgrown and spreading into yards.
  • Pothole Archived
    15 Burnt Tree Ct Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
  • 700 Block Of East Duffy Street Savannah, GA - Savannah
    Duffy Street has several rental properties that are not monitored by the property owners. Cars are parked on the sidewalks. This issue has been reported to the city and curbs were promised to help keep the vehicles parked on the street instead of on the sidewalks. That was a month ago and to date nothing has been done.
  • Vandalism Archived
    523 E 36th St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    Graffitti on back of garage, visible from E. Broad Street
  • 121 West Broughton St. Savannah, Georgia - Savannah

    At the corner of Broughton and Barnard is a teal box (which I assume is for electrical purposes) with the graffiti "No tears for dead cops!" written on it in red.

    I've never reported graffiti before, but this crosses a line for me, is completely unacceptable, and a disservice to Savannah's over worked police force.

  • 2 Lachlan Ln Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    Yard waste pick up was today and the drew only picked about 1/3 of the tree trimmings that were at the curbside. Can someone call me and advise when the remainder will be picked up. Mike Vaquer - 655 3748
  • Jimmy Deloach Pkwy Savannah, GA 31407, USA - Savannah
    The county and state need to finish the Jimmy Deloach Parkway form the Port of Savannah to I-16. Currently it ends in a swamp near GA 21 on one end. The other end stops at US Hwy 80 when it should go to I-16. This would help with the truck traffic into and out of the port. Use some of the stimulus money to do this.
  • 2100-2110 Bull St Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
  • 14 Thackery Pl Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    I call and report flooding when it rains even just a little our street floods. Hoping something can be done about this soon :)
  • Pothole Archived
    1102 East 50th Street Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah
    There are several large deep potholes on Waters Ave starting at my house at the corner of E 50th and they go up all the way to Washington Street. This is my second reporting about these. Thank you.
  • 5634 Betty Dr Savannah, Georgia - Savannah
    Ditch is severely overgrown. Breeding ground for snakes and rats.
  • 501-543 E Hall St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    The 500 Block of East Hall Street needs to be repaved. The surrounding buildings are nice but the road itself needs serious improvement!