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  • POT HOLE Archived
    301-399 W Bay St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    There is a pot hole at the stop light. I've had to replace my tire twice so far.
  • New Jersey Ave Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah
    kids poured paint all over street and sidewalk out side our house. cars drove through tracked for few blocks.
  • 208 E Jones St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    hunter green Toyota Corolla(?) has been parked on north side of Jones street, in front of 208, since before Christmas without moving. It needs to be towed.
  • 2204 E 43rd St Savannah, GA 31404, USA - Savannah
    43rd Street is riddled with pot holes! Starting at approximately this location there is one that was filled with asphalt but it has floated away. Someone is going to loose an axle along here.
  • 424 E. 50th St Savannah, GA - Savannah
    The owners of 424 E. 50th are running an illegal boarding house. There have been gunshots coming from the house and drug dealers have been seen coming and going.
  • 458-466 Tibet Ave Savannah, GA 31406, USA - Savannah
    Sidewalk is collapsing, and has cracked to the point there are 2inch raised in the same piece of concrete. I have tripped on it many times.
  • 301-399 Williamson St Savannah, GA 31401, USA - Savannah
    The city opened up a water line to make a repair a month ago. They left a big hole at Whitaker and Charleton streets. They have to cover it back up. Whats wrong with these people?
  • 1-39 E 52nd St Savannah, GA 31405, USA - Savannah
    Drivers significantly exceed posted speed limits when driving between Bull and Abercorn creating a very dangerous environment for people getting in and out of cars parked on 52nd Street.
  • Around The 5000 Or 6000 Block Of Abercorn St. Going South Savannah GA 31419, USA - Savannah
    The hole is a foot or so wide and an inch or so deep...getting wider all the time. The hole is next to the median and has just enough room for a car to go left of the hole towards the median to not drive over it.
  • Apache Ave Savannah, GA 31419, USA - Savannah
    Large Pot hole in middle of intersection
  • 300-348 San Fernando Blvd Savannah, GA 31419, USA - Savannah
    The entrance of the 'Largo Woods' neighborhood tree lot is in disrepair and looks dumpy.
  • 10911-11001 Jamestowne Rd Savannah, GA 31419, USA - Savannah
    Large pot holes