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  • Newkirk Plaza Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40

    Constant issues with overflowing trash cans in Newkirk Plaza, especially on the West side, with garbage constantly blowing all over the Plaza. Perhaps more garbage cans or more frequent pick-up would solve the problem.

    Photo is 1 of 3 from 7/25/14

  • Tot Lot Argyle Road brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    The neighborhood Tot Lot is starting to fill up with adults unaccompanied by children, which is a violation of city law. Additionally, since more adults have been in the Tot Lot, an area reserved for toddlers, other small children and their caregivers, there has been a major uptick in cigarette butts, glass bottles, and trash thrown everywhere. This is creating a very unsafe environment for small children. The Tot Lot should be swept and locked at night, as it was previously.
  • 400 Argyle Rd Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    There are group of guys who loiter on Argyle outside the Salahi deli. They start in the evening and are there until the early morning. They drink, smoke pot, yell, fight, and urinate on the adjacent properties. They hit people up for money in a threatening manner, and leave their litter and bottles in and around parked cars, on the sidewalk, etc. And, their noise disturbs the people in the building above them.
  • 25 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    A few weeks ago I reported that the garbage cans were not being emptied on this block. Then, the sanitation department took away the can I had posted pictures of on this site just after they finally emptied (after almost 2 weeks of overflowing garbage). So, now that there's only one can at the corner of Atlantic and 4th Avenue, it is constantly overflowing and seldomly tended to by sanitation. I took the attached picture earlier today - a Saturday morning. PLEASE COLLECT THE CITY TRASH REGULARLY, SANITATION DEPARTMENT!!! Geez. It's really disgusting. This is a busy corner with food vendors and a train entrance so one measly garbage can that's never emptied is not going to cut it!!!!!
  • trash, non working equipment, bathrooms, lights, etc.
  • 18 Morningside Ave New York, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    This morning I was walking in the park, and I realize how durty the park was with all the trash spread all over the ground! It's a shame that people don't have more respect to the enviromnent where we are living!
    Why are we allowing barbecuing knowing it will destroy the park and increase its budget to hire the personal to clean after. Will it be more intellignet to spend this money on re-planting where it needs?
    But more importantly, I saw this morning empty bottles of liquor and plenty of empty cans of beers. I thought alchool was forbitten in the park? Why don't we re-inforce the rules in this park? I see police car and park official drinving by but none of them are saying anything. What's wrong with it? Are we in a no men law area? Last night i came back at 10:30pm at home, and there were right front of our building a group of barbercue lovers enjoying the evening with their music at lound. Again I though the park was closing after 10:00pm and also I though the loud speakers were forebiden.
    I'm wondering what's coming next?
  • 116 Hudson St New York, NY 10013, USA - Tribeca
    Bubby's constantly leaves a foul-smelling mess of wet trash along N Moore St. Other restaurants manage to clean up after themselves but Bubbys again leaves the stink of trash and debris. It is a health hazard
  • 307-333 E 4th St New York, NY 10009, USA - East Village
    This school constantly puts out garbage on Saturdays that is left out all weekend without pickup, does not properly package waste (resulting in broken fluorescent light bulbs and computers (among other things) strewn across the sidewalk. This attracts copious amounts of cockroaches and rats, and has permanently marred the sidewalk with a layer of trash remnants which is never cleaned.
  • 39094 Rugby Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    Illegal trash situation. Every saturday and sunday over flowing trash container. Rats seen.
  • 19-23 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill
    The garbage has been overflowing from a garbage can on the northeast corner of 4th Ave and Pacific St for over a week now. There is garbage blowing around and littering the surrounding sidewalk and street.
  • 2-4 River Rd New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    There is garbage under the benches on West Rd right near the Day Nursery playground. It has been there for a few days now (forks, beer bottle, junk). RIOC used to have a truck that went by every day to clean up the trash. Why isn't this been done any more? Our island used to be very clean! Please bring back the daily care. Thanks.
  • Main St. Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Location and design of trash bin is creating health hazard and nuisance for residents.