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  • 1505 Duplin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The hill on Lewis Road from Brooks Avenue to Nottingham Road continues to affect our neighborhood. Traffic/speed here has increased and gotten worse over the last 5-10 years now to a point where it needs to be addressed before something bad happens. Cars speed down this hill where there are no sidewalks, many children, walkers and pets affected. Our intersection alone at Duplin Road and Lewis Farm Road houses over 18 children + the bus stop for Lacy Elementary. We need a 4 way stop solution before the school year starts and would appreciate any attention to this issue.
  • 1200 Ridge Rd Raleigh, NC - Glenwood

    There is a short left turn lane to turn left onto Ridge Rd from inbound Wade. In spite of the short turn lane, the left arrow for turning onto Ridge seems too short to empty the turn lane of traffic. This frequently causes cars to back up into the travel lanes, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

    Could someone evaluate the time this left turn arrow stays lit and see if it should be adjusted to stay on longer?

  • Dixie Trail Raleigh North Carolina - Glenwood
    Sidewalk is becoming impassible due to the overgrowth. This sidewalk is used to walk to nearby schools This has not been fixed since the last time it was reported back in September of 2016
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    1301 Nottingham Rd Raleigh, North Carolina - Glenwood
    Construction site run off. Hi. This lot has been subdivided into two lots and has been essentially clear cut. The now connected lot is 1303 Nottingham, both under ownership by the contractor developing the lot. Neither lot has ANY soil barrier or soil retention barriers. Both lots have significant red clay run off and some sort of oozing (fuel) running into the feed of the Beaver Creek in the green way park across the street. Please get this issue to the appropriate city agency so that corrective action can be taken to avoid any further spills into the road or water shed for the creek on the Parks green-way. I've other images showing the spill into the creek.
  • 3071 Medlin Dr Raleigh, NC - Glenwood

    This property, among other things, is a complete dump. Here are a list of the issues.
    -Parking lot has no lines (It looks like they were spray painted by hand at one point)
    -Parking lot has pot holes everywhere.
    -Exterior of the building is dirty and unmaintained.
    -Signage on the building is old and unmaintained.
    -Parking lot is full of debris/trash/broken beer bottles
    -Overall visual appearance looks rundown, dirty, and completely unmaintained.

    The Notorious Underage Drinking Establishment, known as Crowley's.
    -This bar has numorious violations for underage drinking. As recent as this past Wednesday. Reportedly 20+ underage drinkers were caught inside by ALE Agents.
    -Their late night clientele races down Medlin drive and through My Neighborhood well above the posted 25 MPH posted speed limit
    -Late night you can smell the drug usage coming from their back patio area. (we have friends that live feet away)
    -Although the late night noise of their crowd has been contained...Slightly The real problem is that the City continues to allow this notorious underage drinking establishment to exsist. Now don't get me wrong. I went to college and yes I drank underage in bars. But the bar wasn't in a family neighborhood and feet from Million dollar homes. The families in this neighborhood do not deserve to have this in their backyard. The ugly and unmaintained building brings down our property value. As for the bar, well college kids need to stay on the college campus for their late night partying.

  • 3001-3009 Farrior Road Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    There is a group of kids that skateboard here almost every weekend. We have called the cops multiple times and there is apparently nothing to be done. We fear these kids, while they wear helmets are flying down this hill with limited vision of the giant SUVs that fly down Nottingham Rd., some of them coming from the local watering hole not to mention those on cell phones. These kids have had more than one close call and I can't believe they keep coming back. They are currently doing this in dusk/dark without reflectors. Additionally, the kids use curse words and homophobic language which does not promote a pleasant place to live. Can someone assist? Do we need a sign or speed bumps?
  • 1401-1499 Banbury Road Raleigh, NC - Wade
    Spring Fever is in the air. Along with the pollen, we have more off-road activity on the greenway. This is such a regular occurrence, shouldn't there be a solution that doesn't involve repairing and re-seeding so often? Or, should the City just give up on fixing these areas and let the vandals take over? Unless the residents in these areas can get tag numbers and descriptions, there's very little chance of catching the culprits.
  • 858-898 Dixie Trail Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Wade
    When the bus tries to turn right onto Dixie from wade, their turn radius is too big and they cannot make it. Cars then have to back up which creates chaos as wade ave is blocked and Dixie is blocked until it all gets worked out.
  • Potholes Archived
    3299 Lake Boone Trail Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    It has been over a month since Ridge Road began a resurfacing program and approx 3 weeks since a contractor has done any work on this section. Today is the day the signs say the work will be complete and the entire length of road is still in the patching phase with no sign of a roadway crew and finish product. Can this get fixed? Soon? I would guess that this is one of the most used cycling routes in the city and it is unbearable and unsafe to ride on. It is also a much louder surface for the residence when cars drive by.
  • Farrior And Nottingham Road Raleigh, NC - Glenwood
    Looks like chicken wire and boards, also looks as if the road has been spray painted white.
  • 3501-3547 Wade Ave Raleigh, NC - Wade
    Turner Paving has had Wade Ave @ Faircloth torn up for over a week - and it's not an 'easy' pave for us drivers. There is a substantial hit on your car as you come off the pavement onto what they have stripped - and because of it - cars are coming almost to a stop both when they jump down, and drive back up. Wade sees thousands of commuters every day! Why was Turner not forced to do this job overnight/on weekends - and why can they not speed up their process. Substantial traffic jams are resulting - how does this get fixed - TODAY - and, where do I send my alignment claim into?
  • 2910 Churchill Rd Raleigh, NC, 27607, USA - Wade
    Large rotten/dead tree limb about to fall over busy part of Churchill street. A dead limb from this same tree fell in the street last year and the city had to put up yellow caution tape. Please remove this limb before it falls on a car, bus, or pedestrian. I have more pictures.