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  • 76 E Main St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Try turning left onto Spring Valley/Washington Street. You can't see cars coming from the right. Needs large mirror or additional stop sign.
  • Herbert St. And Blackburn Beacon NY 12508 - Beacon
    This is a three-way intersection with only yield signs. Cars frequently speed around this corner. No one knows who has the right of way and there have been many close-call accidents. A three-way stop sign would help very much.
  • 127 Beekman St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon

    As a walking commuter whose only reward for making the arduous climb up the W. Main St. hill from the train station is to wait for all the driving commuters I just got off the train with pass me by at ~45mph until there's a backup of cars that I can cross between, I would like to see more enforcement and better marking of the crosswalk. There have already been signs posted, but they've had little to no effect. The crosswalk itself could benefit from the cross-hatch stripes afforded to other area crosswalks, but perhaps a police presence would have the most effect (be it Beacon or MTA enforcement, as the MTA has a station not a quarter mile down the road.)

    I have to say, once in a blue moon someone actually stops, and to those few people if you're reading this, thank you.

  • 57 Eliza St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    All-way stop signs are needed at the intersection of Oat and Eliza. It's dangerous turning left onto Eliza from Oak. SUVs parked on the street (for the business across the street) block visibility and cars often speed down Eliza from Main to Verplanck.
  • 59 Cross St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    more and more cars are coming down cross/deerfield to cut around 9d train/bridge traffic and while doing this speeding. this is a danger for all life esp. children. this needs to be addressed before something bad happens.
  • Stop Sign Archived
    Sargent And South Avenue Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Stop sign is not visible until your 20 feet up on it, not enough time to stop, it you don't know the intersection. Speed is 25 MPH , but people go fast there. Be careful !!! and its a new one!
  • 4 W Main St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    A noticeable up tick cars tearing out of the train station at the W Main entrance. This even more problematic now that the street is narrowed by snow and pedestrians have taken to the street due to iced over sidewalks.
  • 97 Maple St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
  • 95 S Chestnut St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    We have had 2 accidents this month alone due to cars running stop signs on W Center st when the Chestnut st cars do not have stop signs and have right of way. We need some police presence for at least a few days to discourage this activity!
  • 5 Ackerman St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    No Parking sign needed at corner of Ackerman and Main Street. Parking on both sides create bottle neck condition.
  • Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    2 deep potholes that make you get half into the lane next to you to get around them. Not safe when there is a line of cars in that can't get around them and end up getting into both the potholes!
  • 19 Cliff St Beacon, NY, 12508, USA - Beacon
    The yard at this property is deplorable! Most in the city take pride in their property and are concerned with their neighbors. The trash in tis yard is an eyesore and has an adverse impact on the surrounding properties, not to mention safety. People pay good money to live in this area and want to be proud of their homes. They should not be subject to junk around them making them look bad. I hope the city takes a look and takes action!!!