People that want to SEE ALL PARTS OF Oakland looking BEAUTIFUL AGAIN

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Important parts of this puzzle of working class people that have a concerns of how the game of having a job and doing it works.

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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    6601 Oakland, California - Webster
    A white truck (Toyota type) dumped a bunch of junk on the one lane stretch of Dover St. between Tremont St. and Dover St. They purposely sped up and slowed down until all the junk fell off the back of the truck then skidded off toward Adeline. I phoned to police about this a couple of hours ago and they have not sent anyone to clean it up. The street is fully blocked with both junked chairs and other items as well as various cans of paint and discarded building materials etc.
  • Other Open
    8501 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
    Homeless encampment outside of Boys and girls club. Drug use and prostitution in from of kids in the afternoon
  • Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park

    There are two couches thrown along the sidewalk there, located at Ellington Way and Tubman. please have the removed as soon as possible.


  • Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    That car part is still there just sitting there. PLEASE have some of your crew come and pick it up ASAP. Please it is a sight for sore eyes. please get it removed quickly. It looks like a partial dashboard.
  • 1491 73rd Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, United States of America - Hegenberger
    Apartment complex which can't seem to get it together where to dump items it's constantly looking like a dump ground please contact the owner or apartment manager
  • 9827 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    All sorts of crap; makes this place look like Calcutta during a garbage strike.
  • 7900-7908 Ney Ave Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Eastmont Hills
    Possible stolen vehicle dumped. Car has been absolutely ravaged by some of locals in front of Parker elementary. Glass and debris in the street.
  • Blake Dr Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Elmhurst Park
    A dumped camper shell with garbage in road please remove
  • Corner Of Tubman Dr And Ellington Way Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Couch dumping that has been here for the past few days. Further down Ellington towards 92nd is the large pile of illegal dumping found last night/this morning. Please remove both locations.
  • Other Open
    1001 89th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    People living in these rvs just moved them into this vacant alley
  • 9831-9851 San Leandro Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Tires and other debris filling up the doorway and planter box. It's been there more than a week - is this the new normal? I noticed in the paper that Waste Management, in compensation for changing the pricing on its composting scheme to make economic sense for restaurants, will now be even slower at picking up illegally dumped items on Oakland's streets. This is not an acceptable trade-off. If composting doesn't make sense, we shouldn't bother with it. But the streets of this city are a mess, with heaps of rotting debris piled high. Neglecting them even more so we can all feel "green" shows where the city government's misplaced priorities lie.
  • 2778-2798 Ritchie St Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Eastmont
    The grass is really big inside the private property causing rats pest and other animals problems, the grass on the street i pay to keep it clean because if let i grow they come to dump garbage on the street causing more problem for my neighborhood , i pay out of my pocket to keep the street grass clean but in that empty lot the owner needs to be taken care of it and the grass on the street. It causing rats and other animals going thru my yard and i do have kids and it is dangerous for my family my kids play outside in my yard and i dont want my kids been bitten or be sick because of this rat pest problem needs to be done ASP please and let the owner knows that he needs to take care of the gras every three months it is unsafe for the neighbors also because of the risk of fire and more animals