People that want to SEE ALL PARTS OF Oakland looking BEAUTIFUL AGAIN

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Important parts of this puzzle of working class people that have a concerns of how the game of having a job and doing it works.

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  • 9612 Dunbar Dr Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    This is by far the worst dumping in our neighborhood. Today was garbage day too! Trash bags and junk left everywhere and debris scattered in the roads. They also dumped a couch. Please help remove asap. Our neighborhood looks horrible.
  • 84th Ave And International Blvd Oakland, California - Webster
    Homeless encampment entire block of 84th Ave & International
  • 1360 84th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Woodland
    Homeless encampment in front of a laundry mat. I no longer go there because my little girl is afraid of the people camping out there. This is really disgusting and bad for business. I really feel sorry for the business owner.
  • 9600 Dunbar Dr Oakland, CA - Elmhurst Park
    Vacant lot 98th and San Leandro St
    Eyesore. Community blight. Graffiti. A few fires where the fire department had to be called out. Homeless from outside our community breaking fences to gain access.
    Please help us to keep our community safe and beautiful.
    This lot belongs either to the Dreisbach Co or the builders or group building Madison Park.
    Something has to be done quickly. Help!!
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1526 94th Ave Addre - Cox
    The tennants are illegally dumping their trash funiture unwanted items in front of their apartment. It's a hazardous to the neighborhood & I have to look at it when I come out my house. I don't allow my kids to comeout because of this So disrespectful.
  • 8730 E St Oakland, California - Highland
    Stolen and abandoned car. We need cameras...this has become a weekly dumping spot.
  • 8930 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Toler Heights
    There is empty lot at 90th and MacArthur which has been used as an illegal dump site for months. It appears that the piles of trash are growing. There are 4+ mattresses that were dumped this weekend. Volunteers clean trash at this intersection each month. This property is a nuisance and diminishesall of the community's hard work. Please help!
  • 88th Ave And International Ave Oakland, California - Webster
    On the 88th Ave side of 8740 International, there is an electrical box that people urinate and do drugs behind. It is currently in a very bad state, very smelly, and needs to be cleaned.
  • 1430 80th Avenue Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    I would like to report that the dumping in this area is terrible. I can't believe how the City of Oakland is having all this dumping in our City. It is so bad. We are starting to look as if we are living directly at the dump. This has been my second request on this site and my first request has not been even completed. The City of Oakland where low income people live is going straight down the hill. Look at the pictures. TERRIBLE. Hurry up and clean up this mess.
  • 9648 Dunbar Drive Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    There is a silver 2 door Merced’s car that has been parked for over a month across from 9648 Dunbar Drive and the tenant is getting worried that it might be abandoned. He called Oakland PD and informed him to let his HOA tow the car since it is out of the Oakland PD jurisdiction? The car already has all flat tires and it seems like it is being vandalized the longer it sits there.
  • 1400-1416 81st Ave Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    Anything we can do for this lady, we've called the police but they move her and she comes right back. We tried talking to her but she becomes aggressive at times . She has sex openly at night and I cannot have my children play outside any longer. Is there a social service we can provide to help her. Thank
  • 1001 90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Here i go again, since the city is still not doing anything nor are they going to do anything, since there response was " we are not sending our workers we don't want them to get sick" so basically screw threw people who live in this neighborhood, screw our children with respiratory problem and the adults worth the same problems. All who have to breath and smell this crap. There have 4 more dumps in a weeks time worth the latest last night