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Important parts of this puzzle of working class people that have a concerns of how the game of having a job and doing it works.

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  • 10200-10298 E St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst

    Repeated illegal dumping in front of the commercial/industrial property on E street between 100th and 102nd.

    Every time somebody cleans up here a new dumper leaves furniture, multiple garbage bags, construction debris, bags of moldy insulation, etc. Some contractor is using this as their personal trash dump.

    The ugly fence and razor wire are attracting blight and crime to this street. The business owner who owns this property needs to take more steps to prevent dumping here since it is an ongoing problem and their ugly/janky fence is ruining the neighborhood. Razor wire makes it look like nobody cares.

    This is right next to an elementary school and beautiful garden and the blight is very disappointing. I also think it's creating a safety concern for children walking to school.

    A body was found a block away from this dumping site last week. Kids shouldn't have to weave through corpses and garbage on their way to school :(. I feel horrible that this person was left dead on the street and nobody seems to know or care about it.

    Aside from the blight and crime caused by this property, it would actually be a nice residential neighborhood. Until recently there wasn't a lot of violent crime here but lately it's gotten worse. Everyone here is trying their best. This ugly industrial plot doesn't belong here. Their razor wire and garbage are ruining it for everyone else.

  • 887 92nd Ave Oakland Ca - Highland
    There was a reported Mobil home dumped here 3-4 months ago which has recently been removed. This is the trash accumulated for those many months and left behind. Had you (City of Oakland) removed the blight earlier, this neighborhood would not need to look at this MESS!
  • Hegenberger Road Coliseum Bart Station Exits Oakland, California - Coliseum
    Debris and trash dumped all around exits leading on and off Hegenberger Road in and around the parking lot between 69th to 74th Avenues alongside the landscaped overpasses gradients and slopes with garbage is spilling dangerously out onto roadways. Regular surveillance is needed to capture criminals dumping to curb this constant behavior from perpetrators.
  • 2914 58th Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Frick
    Our Neighborhood has complained about two of these trucks parking in our neighborhood. Oakland Parking gives no clear direction on if this is legal. Ordinance 10.28.120 - "Parking commercial vehicles weighing more than ten thousand pounds in a residential district." says it is not. Can we get some closure. It blocks our vision when exiting and eats up parking.
  • 9101-9199 G Street Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Highland
    Trash dumping so 5 Shopping Cart funiture pillows G Street between 92nd and 91sty illegal dumping out of control
  • 86th Ave & Holly St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    This vehicle been abandoned for over two weeks,no police never came out as when this vehicle was in flames, I see there's others that reported this same vehicle and the City of Oakland isn't doing there job especially when there's stolen or abandoned vehicles in our neighborhood,but let a vehicle look like it's been parked for some hours in San Leandro Wow!!! I'm sick of abandoned vehicles in my neighborhood
  • 9846-9898 Pearmain St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - South Stonehurst
    Yet again another pile of garbage dumped on Pearmain. What do I tell my clients who visit my frame shop on Apple. Do I tell them that the city doesn't care about this part of Oakland? I am sure that is not the case. It does seem to me that lately they have been responding a little quicker to these posts but the problem needs to be fixed not just have a bandaid put over it. Come on Oakland lets get this problem solved catch someone in the act and make an example out of them. Give the dumpers jail time and a hefty fine.
  • 910a 89th Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Highland
    Dangerous amount of trash blocking street. Cars and bikes have trouble passing. May also attract rodents to residential areas near by. Need immediate attention. Thank you.
  • 906 90th Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Highland
    Abandoned cars
  • 10001-10199 Pearmain Street Oakland, California - South Stonehurst
    Squatters in this large warehouse are constantly leaving non functioning cars, trucks RVs, commercial trailers and trash in the middle of the street. it obstructs traffic to and from locally situated businesses. This is an ongoing obstruction and not a one time occurrence.
  • 1400-1416 81st Ave Oakland, California - Arroyo Viejo
    Anything we can do for this lady, we've called the police but they move her and she comes right back. We tried talking to her but she becomes aggressive at times . She has sex openly at night and I cannot have my children play outside any longer. Is there a social service we can provide to help her. Thank
  • 1001 90th Ave Oakland, California - Highland
    Here i go again, since the city is still not doing anything nor are they going to do anything, since there response was " we are not sending our workers we don't want them to get sick" so basically screw threw people who live in this neighborhood, screw our children with respiratory problem and the adults worth the same problems. All who have to breath and smell this crap. There have 4 more dumps in a weeks time worth the latest last night